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1056 s1X*rY.TH1RD CONGRESS. sm. III. GH. 142. 1915. Manchester Harbor, Massachusetts, with a view to straightening the channel by the removal of Bow Bell Ledge. Dorchester hBay andd Neponset River, Massachusetts, up to the Ne nset Hi wa Bri e.

  • “‘°"°"‘““"· wiickrord harbgr, Rhgde Island.

Point Judith Pond, Rhode Island, from Point Judith Harbor of Conummn Refuge to Wakeheld. _ Thames River, Connecticut, with a view of providing a twenty-foot channel between New London Harbor and the city o Norwich. Shetucket and Suinebaug Rivers, Connecticut, and French River, Connecticut and assachusetts, with a view to securing slack-water navigation between Norwich, Connecticut, and Worcester, Massa-· chusetts. Niantic Bay, Connecticut, with a view of making it a harbor of ref e. 'lligixis Island, Connecticut, with a view to the construction of a suitable harbor of refuge. §iL1]§nni‘piac River, New Haven Harbor, Connecticut. d` River, New Haven Harbor, Connecticut, up to Grand Avenue Bri ge. Morris Cove, New Haven Harbor, Connecticut, with a view to the construction of a harbor of refuge. Mianus River, Connecticut. M tic River, Connecticut. Selzthe River, Connecticut, from its mouth to a point at or near the cit of Bristol, Connecticut, and canal from a suitable point on the Segethe River to New Britain, Connecticut. East Branch of the Yantic River, Connecticut, from its junction with the Thames River to some point about two thousand five hundred feet northerhy to }¥ovide a channel of fourteen feet in depth, to include this part o the antic River in the Thames River proyect, ilnd to provide for the closing of the West Branch of the Yantic iver. Housatonic River, Connecticut, to head of navigation with a view to securing a channel twenty feet deep. SOCor&nect1cut River, from Hartford, Connecticut, to Long Island un . New Haven Harbor, Connecticut, with a view to cooperation with local interests for further development. Farmington River, Connecticut, with a view to the removal of the bar at its mouth. Branford Harbor, Connecticut. N Y L Harbor of refuge at Duck Island, Connecticut. "' °' North shore of Long Island, New York, between Huntington Hprbor and Plum Gut, with a view to the construction of a harbor of re uge. Hempstead Harbor, New York. Mamaroneck Hai bor, New York. Olgdensburg Harbor, New York, with a view to removing the point in the bend of the channel at the inner end of the upper entrance ·· channel, opposite the mouth of the Oswegatchie River, and widening the channel. Hudson River, New York, from its mouth to Hudson, with a view go a depth of thirty feet, and a harbor at Hudson of the same 6 E . • _ Hudson Riyer, New York, from Hudson to the dam at Troy, with a view to securing a dm; of twer¥y-seven feet, with suitable width. Hudson River at y, New ork, with a view to the removal of , Adams Island. Iallglewév York Harbor, N ow York, between Staten Island and Hoifmans