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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 143. 1915. 1065 report what would be the probable cost of ac uiring such land; and E‘P°“°“- the sum_of $1,000, or so much thereof as ma (he necessary is hereby appropriated to defra;y any expenses incurreg b the said commission m the performance o the duties herein imposedy upon it. Wasnmqron-ALAsKA mnrriuzr cum arm rnrnenarn srsrmu: m§{gg“§{’§°°”·M”¤ For defraymv the cost of such extensions and betterments of the ew. Washington-Alaska military cable and telegraph system as may be alpproved by the Secretarg of War, to be available nmtil the close of t e fiscal year mneteen undred and sixteen, from the receipts of the Washmgton-Alaska military cable and telegra h system which have been covered into the Treasury of the United States, the extent of such extensions and betterments and the cost thereof to be reported to Congress by the Secretary of War, $50,000. Commncmr. TELEPHONE smzvicm xr COAs*r A1n·r11.LmzY rosrsz C0'£;{¤g_¥;t°g,¤{; ¤•rv¤¤¤. For providing commercial telephone service for official purposes at ry’ Coast Artillery posts, $8,500, of which $2,000 is made immediately available. PAY OF OFFICERS OF THE LINE. Pay. For pay of officers of the line, $7,800,000: Provided, That the President is authorized to retain Major General Arth1u· Murray, ur;. Gen. mum United States Army, on the active list of the Army as an additional “§,,,,, 0,, mm officer in the grade of major general and as commandilrig general, ¤¤*¤¤¢¤¤*¤¤¤- Western Department, United States Army, from Ap; twent — ninth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, the date on whie he would vom,. lm retire from active service under the provisions of section one of the P' Act of Congrem approved June thrrtieth eghteen hundred and eighty-two, until the close of the Panama—Pac` c International Exposition, December fourth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, when he shall be retired from active service: Pro*videdfurt7zer, That the num- °,'i‘u;•;¥g;°f‘§_{1g!j_¤,sF=¤¤ ber of major generals of the line of the Army on the active list shall I ' be increased y one during the yiprriod named, and for that period onlv: Provided {urtfur, That the esident of the United States be, Pfgfg *%;)*3;: and he is here y, authorized to detail officers of the Arrply active duty rumoured. or retired, for duty with the_Panama-Pacific Internation lslxposition without extra compensation. _ For pay of officers for length of service, to be paid with their cur- L°“‘°""’ "°" rent monthly pay, $1,800,000. rar or ENLISTED MEN. For pay of enlisted men of all grades, including recruits, $18,200,- I§?iiil¤°? m' _ 000: Provided, That hereafter pay and allowances shall not accrue ,,f,’,f,§;,,,§°‘·,,?},‘,f,§,,"Q'; to a soldier under sentence of dishonorable discharge, during such ;{m§¢¤:¤¤¤°¤b*¤ ¤¤· period as the execution of the sentence of discharge may be sus- ` pended under authority of the Act of Congress approved Aplril twenty- www mk ,0 m seventh, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and pay which as hereto- '1‘r¤¤¤¤*· fore been forfeited under such suspended sentence shall not be held to have accrued to the Soldiers’ Home under the operation of section R_S_,,,,_mS,,,_935_ forty-eight hundred and eighteen, Revised Statutes, but shall be covered back into the Treasury! of the United States. For additional pay for lengt of service, $2,300,000. conrs or mmmmzns. E°m°°rb°mh°°' For pay of enlisted men, $467,000. Additional pay for length of service, $70,032.60.