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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. IH. C11. 143. 1915. 1083 NA'r10NAL rrgorrrr arm _1[EDALB ron 1r11¤·L1a corrrmsrs: For the §§,°p§’;"°s°S· ms pu.rpose of·fl1I'D1Sl1lI1g a national trophy and medals and other prizes pres. ac. ’ ’ to be provided and contested for annuall , under such regulations as may be prescribed bit the Secretary of Vgar, said contest to be open to the Army, Navy, arine Corps, and the National Guard or Organ- 1zed Militia of the several States, Territories, and of the District of Columbia, members of rifle clubs, and civilians, and for the cost of the trophy, prizes, and medals herein provided for, and for the promotion of riiie practice throughout the United States, including the reimbursement of necessagy expenses of members of the Nationa Board for the Promotion of ifle Practice, to be ex ended for the pur&oses hereinbefore prescribed under the direction olf the Secretary of ar, $10,000. _ Arrromarro macmrm nicnas: For the purchase, manufacture, and $,‘§§§,g'?,§§j°,,"§“· test of automatic machine riiles, including their sights and uipments, to be available until the close of the fiscal year endingmdune thirtieth, nineteen hundred and seventeen, $150,000. _ Promkled, That the balance remaining available and un ended §,",{'{,"°·,,,,,,,,,,, from the appropriation for the above purpose made in th;?ct ap- Vvk we 589- proved A@t twenty-fourth, nineteen undred and twelve, is hereby- reappropriated and made available until expended, in addition to the appropriation made in this Act. or the purchase and manufacture of armored motor cars, $50,000. "‘"°°'°° ”°°°°”°°”“ Fmm ABTILLERY ron ORGANIZED Mrmrmz For thiiplurpose of ogaammnrnraia manufacturing field artillery material for the Organized `tia of the uga; (login "Y I"' several States, Territories, and the District of Co umbia, without cost to the said States, Territories, or the District of Columbia, but to remain the property of the United States and to be accounted for in the manner now prescribed by law, the Secretary of War is hereby authorized, under such regulations as he may prescribe, on the reqmsitions of the governors of the several States and Territories or the commanding general of the Militia of the District of Columbia, to issue said arti ery material to the Organized Militia; and the sum of $2,090,000 is hereby appropriated and made immediately available and to remain available rmtrl the end of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and seventeen, for the manufacture and issue of the articles conrevi e , at no more an , o is appropriation ma ° 0- _ StiP1tiD%Zii1B’I§};}im8· t th $170 000 f th` " ""° be used for the purchase of field artillery material. pp P y umn mmmm Aimwmon ron FIELD_ARTILLERY ron Onqamzrvzn Mrnma: For ,,,*},“‘,,‘§}}§§‘,§§§{“ ‘°‘ the purpose of manufacturing reserve ammunition for Field Artillery for the Organized Militia of the several States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, the funds to be rmmediatel available and to remain available until the end of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and seventeen, $2,900,000. _ _ Provided, That not more than $100,000 of this appropriation may f,','{fgQ'§‘}·,,,,,c,,,,,,,,,_ be used in the purchase of Field Artillery reserve ammunition. Provided, That no part of the appropriations made in this bill shall be ,,§f’ §°,,,,§§,,°§f; available for the salary or- pay of any officer, manager, superintendent, gfrisg {Swag ¤¤ i¤¤¤ foreman, or other person aving charge of the work of any employee P y ' of the United States Government while making or causing to be made, with a stop watch or other time·measuring device, a time study of any job of any such employee between the starting and completion thereof or- of the movements of any such employee while engaged upon such Cm Nwms em work; nor shall any part of the a propriations ma e rn this bill be restricted- ' available to ay any premium oribonus or cash reward to any employee in addition to his regular wages, except for suggestions resulting in improvements or economy in the operation of any Government lant; and no claim for services performed by any person while V10- liiting this proviso shall be allowed.