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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Gus. 4-6. 1913. 103 tion, W oming, made in the Indian appropriation Act approved August )twet1;t1y—fourth, nineteen hundred and twelve, is hereby rea propria . _ Igor re airs at the old abandoned military post of Fort Washakne, {om Washgne. on the Vélind River Reservation, Wyoming, $1,427, from the amount N"' heretofore collected as rentals of the buildings at said post. Sec. 26. On or before the Erst day of July, nineteen hundred and Syawgdwnkusg fourteen, the Secretary of the Interior shall cause a system of book- illime. keeping to be installed in the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which will D°““°'°‘1“*'°d· afford a ready analysis of expenditures by Qppropriations and allotments and by units of the service, showing or each class of work or activity carried on, the expenditures for the operation of the service for repairs and preservation of property, for new and additional perty, salaries and waies of employees, and for other expenditures. glrldvision shall be made y the Secretary of the Interior for further analysis of each of the forego` classw of expenditures, if, in his . . mg judgment he shall deem it advisable. . { Annually, after July first, nineteen hundred and fourteen adetailed m”_;§Q,*nP•:,_“¤¤ statement of expenditures, as hereinbefore described, be incur- vs porated in the annual tgz: of the Commissioner of andtransmittedby the taryof theInteriortoGongreeson0r before the first Monday _ _ _ bugged t M anya tnonor e ceiso or H, *1*1**- expended, the of the Interior shall make allotments thereof pnnditurar-hu- °° in conformity with the intent and purpose of Act, and such alloisnents shall not be altered or modified except with his_approval. e Afterwluly first, nineteen hundred and fourteen, the estimates for Mmmwmpm zppropriations for the Indian Service submitted by the Secretaryof °°“'“°°'°°°°°°°° Interior, shall be accompanied by a detailed statement, classified — — m e mannerprescn in t p p o is section, w- ' th `bed the iiis aragra h f th' ’ sho ing the purposes for which the appropriations are required. Approved, June 30, 1913. · cKAP.6.—AnActPrcv1d1ng" foraniuueasein the numberofmidshimenat "“°m°‘ the United States Naval Academyafle¤·1'unethirtieth, nineteen hundred and Bai¢¢nactedbytlwSeonateandHoue¢qfR mtativaso the United sem of emma in came mmbzaz, iii? erm Juris annals, §:L"...·t°:é’?.;T:£.a nineteen hundred and thirteen, and until June thirtieth, nineteen ""1{ mm hundred and nineteen, there shall be allowed at the Naval Academy V¤1·$¤.x•r·¤¤%.uw. two midshipmen for each Senator, Representative, and Delegate in Congress, one for Porto Rico, two for the District of Columbia, and ten appointed each year at large: Provided, That midshipmen on §{,",§’,'{,'§·,,,,,,,,, M, graduation shall be commissioned ensigns in the Navy, or may be ¤¤¤¤•¤¤¤· ass1gned_by the Secretary of the Navy to fll vacancies m the lowest commissioned grades of the Manne Corps or Staif Corps of the Navy. Approved, July 9, 1913. rei mz. CHAP. 8.-An Act Ifreviding for mediation, conciliation, and arbitration in con- L gl"'; trevennes between certain employers and their employees. (Public, Nc. e.) Be tt enacted Senate and Hmwégf Representatives of the United States %America in Congress assemb , That the provisions of this ,,°*§,”é;"*2“°,,°" °‘n°°¤· Act sh apply to any common carrier or carriers and their officers, nxlgyeees. ny agents an employees, except masters of vessels and seamen, as gm ,,,‘QF,“$§f?.§;,d_ defined in sectmn forty-six hundred and twelve, Revised Statutes of §·6,*gg’°°~**§·‘_P·¤•*- the United $$8*188, m the transportation of passengers or P` property wholly by ad, or partly by railroad and partly by water,