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1218 SIXTY-THIRD couennss. sm. III. cm,. 184-186. 1915. P·¤¤1°Y M !°°¤*'· "Sec. 4424. Whenever an assenger is received on board any ii§e¤ ,:?£ steam vessel not having an iingxpire certificate of apcproval or an ,,§g,§4;j`f°‘““"‘“7* nmexpired temporary certificate of approval placed an kelpt as required by this title, or whenever any passenger steam vesse receives or carries any gunpowder on board, not having a certificate authorizing the same, placed and kept as required, or shall carry any gunpowder at a place or in a manner not authorized by such certificate, such steam vessel shall be liable to a penalty of $100for each ofl`ense." R¤¤¤*¤‘· Sec. 5. That section forty-four hundred and ninety-eight of the Revisszld Statutes of igie States be, and the same IS hereby, amen so as to rea as o ows: R°¢‘$¤’¤'· °*°·· d°· “Sec. 4498. A r ter, enrollment, or license shall not be anted, giiigiiiaiii mt m` or other papers bggigsued by any collector or other chief oggicer of ,¤l.§€&3?{°`“°°’°'°°°' customs to any vessel subject by law to inspection under this title V<¤· 33, P- im until all the provisions of this title applicable to such vessel have been fully comlplied with and imtil the copy of the certiiicate of inspection

 lyl tgiisfgitle fpr such vessel as been filed with said collector

oro crc `e officero customs. S¤¤¤°i¤¤‘¤*‘¤°°~ Sec. 6. That section twelve of the Act entitled "An Act to amend the laws relating to navigation, and for other p1u·poses," approved May twenty-e` th, nineteen hundred and eight, be, and the same is hereby amen ed so as to read as follows· g


,¤I_§g¢1 $*;g¤• "SEo. 12. That a` 1- ter, enrollment, or license shall not be issued vox. ss, pi 42.8, or renewed by any cocggctor or other officer of customs to any such "”“‘°°°‘ barge unless at the time of issue or renewal such barge has in force _ the certificate of inspection prescribed by section ten and on board the equipment prescribed by section eleven." Approved, March 4, 1915. ¥§Y°;1{_ ;q,,§2,§f§ WgstH$?._1§6»-An Act To increase the appropriation for a public building at Elkins, [Public, Ne. 334.] E ` . Be it enacted by the Senate and House o Re entatives o the United EiiiiS°’¤lvl?l;%i%u§l¤;- States of Amenba in Congress assembled, `ghailrtlie limit of {ost hereto· ,,,°';§€f’* P“ fore authorized for the erection of a. building for the use and accommo- ·>*· 3*% P- *8* dation of the post office and other offices of the Government at Elkins, West Virginia, be increased from $85,000 to $135,000. Approved, March 4, 1915. ¥{°]i;`_% GEL?. 186.-—A.u Act To construct a public building for a post office at the city of [rubric, Na sas.; F°“'Yth• G°°‘¥i“· Be it enacted Senate and House of1i'1e£>resmtatives of the United Eggatgpgén In States <j` America in Congress assembled, _ at the Secretary of the muscmmng puma Trensigy of the_United States be, and hé is hereby, authorized, em- "°{}f,‘,_‘§€,§ STL power , and directed to cause to be erected and constructed upon the lot now owned by the United States in the city of Forsyth, Georgia, a. public building such as he may determine is necessary and proper for the post office and such other public officials as may be ocated there, in said city of Forsyth, Georgia, at a cost not to exceed the sum_ of $50,000, which sum 1s_hereby appropriated out of any moneys m the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. Appmved, March 4, 1915.