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LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. XV 1> Intcmatioml Education Congress. Joint Resolution Requesting the President of the United States ln. ‘ to invite goreign Governments to participate in the International Congress on Education. Jul 17, 1 14 . . 775

 Dry··Far· Congrers. Joint Resolution Authorizing the President to extend invi·

` tations to other nations to send representatives to the International Dry-Farming Congress. to be held at Wichita, Kanms, October seventh to seventeenth, inclusive, nineteen hundred and fourteen. Julgr 17, 1914 775 New Jersey and New Yor Harbor Commission. Joint Resolution Authorizing the President to appoint a member oi the New Jersey and New York Joint Harbor Line Commimion. July 17, 1914 .. . ..-- 775 Eg his o nbias enoam cnt. Joint Resolution Authorizing the Secretary of War to loan certain sa<{dl;g/s and bridlelsnior the use of the national encampment, Knights of Pytbias, to be held at Terre Haute, Indiana in July, nineteen hundred and fourteen. July 21, 1914 .. 776 European disturbmwu, relakf oficitizens, etc. Joint Resolution For the relief, protection, and tramsporlation of American citizens in Europe and for other August 3, 1914 . 776 European dnlsturbanou, relief of citizens, ctc. Joint Resolution or the relief, protection, and transportation of American citizens in and for other purposes. August 5, 1914 , , 776 American Red Cross, use of ship etc. Jomt Resolution Granting authority to the American Red Crosstocharterasbip orships of foreignxsterfortlxetranspoitationofnnnrsesand supplies and for all uses in connection with the w of that society. August 20, 1914 . . . . . J 777 Louisiana, act of secession returned. Jomt Resolution Authorizing the Secretarg oi War to retum to theftate of Louisiana the original ordinance of secession adoptedby said State. August 20, 777 191 . .. . - North American Indian Memorial Aasocaheiqm, mernber. Join·t_Resolution For of George Frederick Kunz as a member of the North American Indian Mem Commission. . August 21, 1914 I .. . .. _ ... - . 777 Right QQ way, Nashville, Tenn., national cemetery. J omt Resolution To authorize the Secretary of . .. . sr txlgant a revocable license for the use oi lands adjoining the national cemetery N ash ,-Tennessee, for public·road purposes. September 2, 1914:. ... . -1, . .` 777 Sea Fishery Industries “E:cpos·ttion. Joint Resolution Authorizing the President to aocegg an invi· ‘ ‘ tatiorgltg participate in an International of Sea Fishery Industries. ptember 778 10,1 -".;-.;‘; . ..2 ... T ... l ;,... European diszwbmeea, representing forenbn ernment:. Joint Resolution To provide for repre= ` sentation of foreign. governments growigéout oi existing hostilities in Europe and elsewhere, and for other pugroses. September 11, 914 . . . 778 Flag, Union Station, . C'. Joint Resolution Authorizing the Secretaghof War to furnish one United Staff; ggréifon ilag to William B. Cushing Camp Numbered irty, Sons of Veterans. 778 Intemational Ineti¢ute lture, resolutions. Joint Resolution Instructing American delegate to the Intema Institute of Agriculture to present to the permanent committee for action at the general assembly in nineteen hundred and fifteen certain resolutions. September 19, 1914 . . . _ ... : .. : ... _ . 7 79 Pan American Sanitary Conference. Joint Resolution Authorizing the President to designate two officers connected with the Public Health Service to represent the United States at the Sixth International Sanitary Conference of American States to be held at Montevideo, Uruguay, in December, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and making an apgopriation to pay the expenses of said resentatives, and for other purposes. September , 914 . . . . . 779 Laws: of absence to certain gun of Navy. Joint Resolution To authorize the President to grant " leave of absence to two commissioned officers of the line of the Navy for the puxe of accepting an a pointment under the Government of Brazil as instructors in naval tegy and tactics in &e Naval War College oi Brazil. October 13, 1914 780 Volunteer Soldiers ’ Home, Joint Resolution For the appointment of Eve members of the ` Board oflhna rsof the ational Home for Disabled Volnmteer Soldiers. October 19, 1914. 780 William C. Adamo, Choctaw Indian. Joint Resolution To correct an error in the enrollment of certain Indians enumerated in Senate Document Numbered Four hundred and seventy-eight, Sixty-third Congress, second sesion, enacted into law in the Indian appro- _ priation Act ap ved August iirst, nineteen hundred and fourteen. October, 20, 1914 780 Dutrict of Columbia, glaze ease;. Joint Resolution Relating to the awards and payments thereon in what are commonly known as the Plaza cases. October 22 1914 . · . 781 World’a Purity Fedemtion qngres:. Joint Resolution Authoxizing the President to appoint dele- Etes to attend the Nmth International Cougar} of the Wor1d’s Federation, to be ld in the city of San Francisco, State of ’ omia, July eighteen to twenty-fourth, _ nineteen hundred and fifteen. October 22 1914 .. , . 782 Prmdw of Sem .F‘ra1wheo and Fm-: Mason, Cal. Joint Resolution e State of California temporary jurisdiction over certain lands in the Presidio of San cisco and Fort Mason (California) Military Reservations. October 22, 1914 783 Congressional anmgeu, October, 1914, salemks. Joint Resolution Authorizing the payment of October sa 'es to officers and employees of the Senate and House of Representatives on the day of adymrnment of the present semion. October 23, 1914 ... . 783 a1006°—vor. 38»—r·r 1-n