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srxrr-THIRD conennss. sm. 1. ce. 16. 1913. 127 130. Table, butchers’ carving' , cooks’, him , kitchen, bread, but- “°“'“”-' °~ per, vegetéable, fruig., cheese, carpepterg betdldgz c1u·riersg,1 drawing, arriers , eshing ay tanners’, pum ers’, amters’ ette, art- gsm, ’ ists’, and shoe knives, forks and steels, or unfinished, without handles, 25 per centum ad valorem; with handles, 30 per centum pmt., ad valorem: That all the articles specified in this para- °_}f,wg§_;,*g$;°°¥,§ graph, when imported shall have the name of the maker or pur· ntnmpedthnmn. chaser, and beneath the same the name of the countg of onggr; indeliblyudtanéped or branded thereon in a place that all not covered ere ter. · 131. €"1lLi8S,a{l.l6 blanks, ramps, and iioats, of all cuts and kinds, 25 per F*'*"·°'·°· centum v orem. . 132. Muskets, air—rifles, muzzle·loading shotguns and rifles, and m"°°"°°°‘ parts thereof 15 per centum ad valorem. 133. Breech—loading shotguns and rifles, combination shotgims and °’°"°°"‘°"" °°°' rifles, and parts thereof and fittings therefor, including barrels further advanced than rough bored onl ; pistols, whether automatic, maga·· zine, or éevgdvmg, or parts tliareof and fittings therefor, 35 per centum v orem. . . 134. rata, mates, me nospam utensilsor other hollow “°“°""* ware comgmed of iron or stee , enameled or glazed with vitreousglasses; ta le, kitchen, and hospital utensils or_other similar hollow ware composed wholly or m chief value of aluminum; all the foregoé inag not especially provided for in this section, 25 per centum ad v orem. . c - . n 135. Needles for knitting or sewing machines latch needles, crc-» N chet_ needles, and tape needles, and all other needles not specially provided for in this section, bodkms of metal, and needle cases or needle books furnished with assortmeuts of needles or combinations ofsneedles and other articles, 20 percentum ad va1orembut no articlessotha than the needles whic are specnfically named m this section shall be dutiable as needles unless having an eye and fitted and used for carrying a thread. _ _ _ 1,,-bm, H 136. Fishhooks, Hshinghrods and reels artificial Bies artificial baits, snelled hooks, and all o er Eshing tackle or arts thereof not specially provided for in this except lines, nets ,,,,,,,,,_ and seines, 30 per centum ad v orem: P , That any prohn- F••*»¤·¤*¤¤’¤¤·•· biticgii of the drqportation ofkfiasiiliers in shall not be constru as a ying to O1 es or fishing. 1.,,,,,,, 137. Stedlp plates engraved, stereotype plates, electrot plates Pm-° halftone plates, photogravure plates, photo-engaved jilgetes, and plates of other materials, engraved for printing, p tes of iron or steel engraved or fashioned for use in the production of dengns, patterns, or impressions on glass in thddprocess of manufacturing plate or other glass, 15 per centum ad v orem; lithographic plates of stone or other material engraved drawn, or prepared, and wet transfer paper or paper prepare wholly with glycerin, or glycerm combined with other materials, contamms the imprints taken from lithographic plates, 25 per centum ad v orem. BI I M 138. Rivets, studs, and steel points, lathed, machined, or bright- ’ ened, and rivets or studs for nonskidding automobile tires, and rivets of iron 33 sxl, not specially provide for in this section, 20 per centum v rem. 139. Crosscut saws, mill saws, pit and dr saws, circular saws, tl"` steel band saws, finished or further advanced than tempered and polished, hand, back, and all other saws, not specially provided for m this section, 12 per centum ad valorem. wm 140. Screws, commonly called wood screws, made of iron or steel, '“”"‘ 25 per centum ad valorem. _ _ U b m 141. Umbrella and parasol ribs and stretchers, composed in chief m ” m’°’°°°' value of iron, steel, or other metal, in frames or otherwise, and tubes