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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 32. 1913. 209


onion or Aoorron Fon wan DEPARTMENT. ‘°*W¤*D¤- The money accounts of the Panama Canal, under the Panama Canal wggguyg b°°¤g:*di3 Act of August twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and twelve (Statutes by- at Large, volume thirt -seven, page five hundred and sixty), shall V°‘· 3% P- “°· continue to be audited by the Auditor for the War Department I 1·UnL1o numnmos. _ Public tenants. Boston, Massachusetts, immigrant station: The authorit to con- B°°:g,¥*¤·*¤¤¤*· struct the immigration station at Boston, Massachusetts, is triinsferred gbléimeeueu mm. to the Treasury De artment ether with the ended balances '°"°° *{’,€"°°““” D°' . , 1> Tg urwxp pertme of appropriations heretofore m e therefor to be expended under the V§•g&35· rggééyé yi direction of the Secretary of the Treasury for the construction of mi. 'Pp' ’ ’ said station within the limit of cost and under conditions of existing aw. 1 Bronx, New York, New York, post office: For additional land for B"¤·N·Y· site under present limit, $60,000. Canton, Ohio, post office: The appropriation of $20,000 contained ,,m,,,,,, in the sunday civil appropriation ct for the fiscal year nineteen ***1*;,,, 6 hundred an fourteen for alterations, in.:-Efovements, and repairs 'P' ` of the Canton, Ohio,‘post office is made av ble also for enlargement and extension of san building within the limit of said sum. Charleston,. West Virginia, rent of buildings: For rent of tem- ¤¤·¤¤•°¤¤·W·V¤~ porary quarters at Charleston, West Virginia, for the accommodation R°°‘· of Gevetmnent omcials, $5,500, or so much thereof as may be n . Corinlh, Mississippi, post office: For completion of building under °°"““‘·m“· present limit, $3,500. Dublin, Georgia, post office: For completion of building under ”“b“"·°"· present limit, $8,000. Elberton, Georgia, post omcez For completion of building under E“’°"°"·°‘· present limit, $12,500. G _1 M Galveston, Texas, appraisers’ stores: The appropriations of .6pp»1»»·é·¤m¤•. $40,000 (Act of Congress approved March fourth, mneteen hundred ,,,,’§,,‘{,$‘;‘f"°°" ’°' ang eleven, Th%1;y—sixph ggatutes, thirteenchutklred and seventiy-twtpl) W 36 P lm. an $25,000 ct o ngress approv ugust twenty- our · · · nineteen hundred and twelve, Thirty-seventh Statutes, fourlumdred Y°l° °7’ P' m` and twent ) for the enlargement, extension, remodeling or improvement of tlie appraisers stores building at Galveston, Texas under the authorization contained in section two of the Act of Congress "°*·“·P·°°°· approved June twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and ten (Thirty-sixth Statutes, six hundred and eight;) are hereby reappropriated made available for carrying into e act so much of the revised authorization contained in section one of the Act of Congress approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, as provides or the purchase of a suitable building and site for an appraisers stores, warehouse, and other purposes, and providing suitab e offices therem, at a limit of cost not exceeding $65,000. _ Qwum wm Galveston, Texas, quarantine station: For placing rfiprap alongside mama; ¤-apap. the bulkhead at the quarantine station, Galveston, exas, in order to prevent the same from being washed away due to its exposed position and the effect of storm and wave action and the scour o tidal currents, $50,000. _ _ Gadsden, Alabama, post omce: For completion of building under °“°’d°“·*“* present limit $8,000. _ _ _ Hanover, Pennsylvania, post officea For completion of building H“°"°'·P*· under present limit, $10,000. 91006°—-vox. 38-—P’l‘ 1---14