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6, SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sus. I. Ch. 3. 1913. ¤¤¤¤r1¤z·,0¤b· Camb , gggiagogost office: For continuation of building Ulldftlg czmaanue. Pr$_%E1BP, 0$Q,{; Omen; For- continuation of building ¤•¤¤·¤· S- °— post office; For- continuation of building d t I -t I ° • • ° L ¤¤¤¤,!¤· unCii.iitg ois, post omcez For contmuatnon of building under ' 't $15,000. u . . '

g°_1•i¤-  (3%;;, post office: For alterations, improvements,  

vmvllam. ¤•· post office: For continuation of building vnrtmvme. Gs Prgjsgltiégnvilié, pggg office: For commencement of ¤¤¤¤r.Wr·· unggpgr Wyoming, post For completion of building under mm ’ · 5,000. - . . . 2 ceaamvn, ¤•· P zliorgia, post office: For completion of budding under 1-new ‘ ,000. . . . ‘¤ Ctn¢\•r0|,P¤· P (H1a1ler]D¢i.i,1tl’?iixi1sylvauia, post office: For completion of bunldmg under resent limit $10,000. mruu. N- G- Charlotte, North Carolina, post office and courthouse: For comple- ' f t.h enlarg thextension remodeling or unprovemant of

 uinder prgelzietlliinit, $120,000. _ _ ’ ·

°°m°“***¤ °‘ °‘§ Section seven of the ommbus public building _Act approved June "‘“ °°'”°"°°°" - nineteen hundred and ten, authorizing the enlargement, new www twenty fifth, _ _ . v°" °°’ °‘ °°°° extension remodeling or improvement of the United States post oficc and courthouse at Charlottg, tlgorth Caroliga, at a limit ggdcost oisnzt to exceed $250,000, be, an e same is ere Y, mw _» 99 thorize li thereof the d olition of the present bmlding and this constituliitioiiuof a new: buildiii; for the use and accommodatmn of the post office and United States courts, at Charlotte, North Carolma, includin fireproof vaults and heating and ventdating apparatus and approacges, complete, within said limit of cost hereb of not to exceed $250,000; the materials of which the_old IS to be utilized, so {ar as they may be found suitable, m the construction f the new build . And the Secretary of the Treasury 18 hereb o mg, . . . dY authorized to enterlmto cegntricas for gh? congxtnéction of said bu1l · in within thesaid imito cos eremeore e . _ H ¤m¤·t¤t• %\`]m.t th Sec t { the Treas be and he is hereby authorized °°3°°°:°L°’°°°` and directzed tomc2%e0tl15 prgpientuayssay oglice buildiéxg 1i:lCharlot8t3, N rth C lin to t arrange , improve , an equipp ingludinmiiire aroof vaiilts aid hgiiting and ventilatm apparatus, as to aff rei te p arters endin the construct§>n of said new or u ¤ post otiiice eonaxityhguse, i'or’s1l)ch of the Federal officials at Charlotte as can be accommodated therein, and so as to furnish suitable permanent giuarcigzrs, forgich F?dteral officiails as cantnpg be ]§·ope1;y . accomm at , uponr comp e ion, msm new pos 0 ee an cou — h t t t din $25,000. _ q,§f,§,f" °°""°"” Ogiidathe S(;rell;1·;}di8t%he 'Iieasury be, and he is hereby, authorized to rent temporary quarters for such Federal oHic1als as can not be so accommodated in the permanelntly altered and rearrangeg aésgay ofdce, d to th re t f s c tem orary uarters an moving gegpcnsesibirnt oi} th: ol'! cost l1eIi·einbefdi·e_fixed for permanently altering and rearranging said assay office building, S&1d_ rent to be for such period as ma be permitted by the balance remaining of the lastmentioned limit my cost after such ermanent alteration and rearrange- P . ment of said assay office has been prov1ded_for, not exceeding an aggregattee rental of $55,500 fg] the iirst year; estimates for any further rents to submitte annu y.