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234 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cus. 34, 35, 37. 1913. 0¢¤¤;g¤§g;&}913- 'llo enaléle tg; of Indian Affairs to employ ' EK OD WOT ID . Powe, Neat ‘ , . I I Be it enacted by the Senate and House Ip; Rrlegresentatwes of the United i{$i“ §; States of America in Congress assemb , at the Commrssioner of

  • ?k,‘gLF¤¤ *¤*¤ °* •*· Indian Aifairs is hereby authorized to use not to exceed $10,000, for

Ame] p. an. the employmlgnigcg additional ciergs m tl;e1Ind1a;1d m conpemétign withthewor 0 eterm1nmg' the eirso eceas a.ns,ou 0 e $50,000 appropriated in the Indian Appro riation Act for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen undiied and fourteen, for the purpose of determiuinlg the hens of deceased Indian allottees, pursuant to_the Act of 1me twenty-Efth, nmeteen hxmdred and ten (Thirty-sixth Statutes at Large, page eight hundred and fifty-five). Approved, October 24, 1913. CHAP. .— uthonq th of the Interior to t further 0“i‘§°{6%]mm· es:tensions?>lstim:-uwiiltiilnévhich to complyS1$1&t.rhettl1leyhw and make proof ogdnesertdand

 entries in the counties oi Grant and Franklin, State of Washington.

mamma. Be it enacted the Senate and House of Re esentatixves of the United mgm States of Amer1?a in Congress assembled, Tgit the Secretary of the ¢,;¤·*£m<¤ °¤¤‘¤¤ *¤ Interior ma , in his discretion, grant. to SJIPY entryman under the °m°g°°°` desert·land Iisws in the counties of Grant and ranklin, in the State of .W¤.shinglton, a further extension of time within which he is required emot. to comp y with the law and make final proof : Provided, That such

  • m•'”¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤*· entryman shall, by his corroborated affidavit, filed in the land office

of the district where such land is located show to the satisfaction of the Secretary that because of unavoidable delay in the construction and operation of irrigation works intended to convey water to the land embraced in his entry he is, without fau1t_on his part, unable to make proof of tho reclamation and cu1t1vation of sa1d lands, as required by law, within the time limited therefor; but such extension shall not be granted for a penod of more than three years, and this Act shall not afoot contests initiated for a valid existing reason. Approved, October 30, 1913. N¤v¤mb¤r2`·’ 1913- CHAP. 87.-—An Act To authorize the con nce the ri


Bmke Rive:. Be tt enacted by the Senate and House o Re entattves 0 the United ¢w€ZiidEw1$°°l¤Yii°$c»n°$] States if America in Congress assembZed,IIhai"l$he consentiif Congress

}$,‘gL“s‘§{gf¤y "“¤-· IS hetrie y grantgded fcg thei1L¥wisto1tr·C£pn§0rd Brgcw Cflompany, a cor-

¤n.s0, p.246· pora on crea un er the laws o the tate o as invton owning _ a certain steel bridge over Snake River between Lewigton, Idaho, and Clarkston, Waslungtonnconstructed under the authority of an Act entitled "An_Act to authorize the construction of a steel brid e over the Snake R1ver between the States of Washington and Idaho approved Februari fifteenth, eighteen hundred and ninet ht:" to sell and convey the said bridge to the States of Idaho and %—§i§in§ton or to any commisswns or local authormes of any subdivisions o said States, and the consent of Congress is also hereby granted that said _ States_may make lprovision or agreement for the maintenance and Qgggmm M operation of such ridge: Pramkled, That in all respects the mainte- ' nance, operatmn, and further status and treatment of such bridge V°L 34 8* · » . . . ·P· shall hereafter be m accordance with the provisxons of the Act ent1- tied "An Act to regulate the construction of bridges over navigable waters/’ approved {arch twenty-third, nineteen hundred and su:. Approved, November 27, 1913.