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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 4. 1913. 249 and shall conform to any law ezdsting and ap licable to said subject of deigizlopment of said hydroelectric power iior municipal or commerc uses. ( (n) That after the period of twenty years hereinbefore provided q¤if$it;iitai°¢Zrvi$erR°§ g for the development, transmission, use, and sale of electric powe1_;,*'°“”· the Secretary of the Interior, under authorization hereby given, may` require_the grantee, within a time fixed by the Secretary, to develop, transmit, and use, or offer for sale, such additional tgower, and also such power less than sixty thousand horselpower as e grantee may have ailed to develop, transmit, use, or se , within the twenty years aforesaid, as in the djudgfnent of said Secretarilsthe grantee may or ought to develop un er t is grant, and which in judgment the public interest demands or convenience requires; and in case of the failure P'°°°‘“’°°”*’*““’°· of the grantee to carry out ang such requirements of the Secretary of the Interior the latter is here y authorized so to do and he may, in such manner and form and ufpon such terms and conditions as he ma determine, (provide for the evelo ment, transmission, use, and sag of such ad 'tional gpwer and sucgi power not so developed, trans- j rnitted, or used by e grantee at the end of said twenty years up to sixtynthqusand horsepower; and for that purpose the Secretary of I’°“’°““"*°""°°· the tenor may take possession of and lease to such person or persons as he may designate such portion of the hts of way, structures, dams, conduits, and other lpgoperty acqui1?l or constructed by the grantee hereundéiriisis ngay h necessary for the development, transmission use, an s e 0 suc power. (0) 'llhat the rates or charges to be made by the grantee or by any S§§,“{‘§,$§,‘g°,§j“m °° lessee under the last precedingdparagraph for the use of power for commercial purposes shall at times conform to the laws of the · State of Gahfornia or, in the absence of any such statutory law, be subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior and in the absence of such lizw no rates or charges shall be made, fixed, or collected without such ajépvréoval, and the ]g¤rantee shall at any time, upon the demand of the retary of the terior allow the latter or such person or persons as he may designate full and free access, right, and opportunity to examine and inspect all of the grantee’s books, records, ainill accoténtsi) anal] all the works constructed and pro occu ie ereun er the tee. §jj)H%at this grant is upon the further condition that the grantee b,*`§,°,$,‘},{·“°“’·°‘“··’° sh construct on the nort side of the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir site a scenic road or trail as the Secretary of the Interior,may determine, above and along the proposed lake to such oint as may be designated by the said Secretmz, and also leading Eom said scenic road or trail a trail to the Tiltill alley and to Lake Vernon and a road or trail to Lake Eleanor and Cherry Valley via McGill Meadow; and likewise the said grantee shall build a wagon road from Hamilton or Smiths Station along the most feasible route adjacent to its proposed aqueduct from Groveland to Portulaca or Hog Ranch and into the Hetch Hetchy Dam site, and a road along the southerly slope of Smiths Peak from Hog Ranch past Harden Lake to a junction with the old Tioga Road, in section four, township one south range twenty·pne east, Mount Diablo base and meridian, and such roads and trails made necessary by this grant, and as may be prescribed by Appmd Em the Secretary of the Interior. Said grantee shall have the right to ’ build and maintain such other necessary roads or trails through the ublic lands, for the construction and operation of its works, subject, however, to the ialpproval of the Secretary of Agriculture in the %anislaus Igiational P;>1r·;·st,fail;1 thedSecretarySci;f'8p1h¢; Inter1oj· m th; Wm, supply fm osemite ation said grantee GF 8 fm cmp purposes maintain a water pipe, or otherwise provide a good and suécrent supply of water for camp purposes at the Meadow, one-third of a mile, more or less, southeaster y from the Hetch Hetchy Dam site.