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280 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sus. II. Cas. 14-16. 1914. of Mount Olivet Cemetery; thence south two hundred and sixty-six and nmety-four one-hundredths feet to a point one hundred feet north of the southwest corner of said Mount Olivet Cemetery; thence east a distance of one hundred and nmety-five sixty-two one—hu11dredths feet to place of beginning; containing m all three hundred and nineteen thousandths o an acre. Approved, February 3, 1914. F•,*;;j=;;yg,!,g**· cmu-. ie.-an Act To mguim me payment or poem money orders. iP¤*>¤¤· N°· 6*4 Be it enacted by the Senate and Houalzgf gthe United P¤¤¤¤=·¤*¤·· States of America in Gmgrees aeaemb , at under su rules and ¤¤l‘»°°iRY »°K?°?¤a1$;T rdgulations as the Postmaster General shall prescribe postal money °"’°'°m°"‘ o ers may be ismied payable at any money-order post omce, and on and after the date upon which such rules and regulations become effective all money orders shall be legally ayable at any money- mmm, 1,,,,, ,,, order post office although on a spec£ed office; and that all 1>¤\¤¤- laws or parts of laws in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Approved, February 6, 1914. • 7,1914. CIA!. 18.-· ‘ To en' and abate houses ot Iewdn a¤ignatmn` , and Fw} prostitution; todésglsisttheumeloltbdbenuinmm; toenjointbep(;ionorpemomwho _`*’°‘·“°’ Na “’ °°“"“°* °' '.‘£‘£"""‘ ..Q...'*2.°t2‘;“‘°.,,a"“" ti.°,..""“ °§.:;*L’“...M ‘*‘ ‘; .’;i3‘§I‘‘*“‘ ““Z.‘?§°.,,..' °"°" P ‘ ¤¤

 and owner thereof.

S Be iten¢Xtcdby theSenateandHmneqfRripresm€¢1uivesqfhtI:.eilUniud ¤i¤¤i¢*¤*°¤*¤¤b**" totes o merica in Gongrees aes , at w oever s erect, u¤Ii?ll°ie°i bl establish`, continue,\ maintain, use, own, occupp or re-lease any ,,,H“'§,;,§,;,,f"· ‘“°*’ building, erection, or place used for the lpurpose o lewdnem, assignecw do, tion, or prostitution in the District of C0 um ia is guilty of a nuisance, d,,,d,,,,,5,,,,,; the bu1ld ction, or place, or the ground itself in or upon which such lew , assignation, or prostitution IS conducted, permitted or carried on, continued, or emsts, and the furniture, fixtures musical instruments, and contents are also declared a nuisance, and shall be enijldined and abated as hereinafter provided. e£*;g,};¤¤;;gww•*¤¤! Sec. if. at whenever a nuisance is kept maintained, or exists as . ’ defined in this Act the attorney of the United States for the District of Columbia, or the Attomey General of the United States, or any citizen of the District of Columbia, may maintain an action in equity m the name of the United States of America, upon the relation of such attorney of the United States for the District of Columbia, the Atmrney General of the United States, or citizen, to perpetually enjom said nuisance, the person or persons conducting or mamtamm Tmpomy him the same, and the owner or afnt of the building or ground upon which Mvggimdm said mnsance exists. In suc action the court, or a judge in vacation, ‘ shall, upon the presentation of a petition therefor alleging that the nuisance coipiplamed of exists, allow a temporary writ of injunction, without bon , if it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the court or judge by evidence in the form of afzlidavits, depositions, oral testimonp, or otherwise, as the complainant may elect, unless the court or judge _ y Bprevious order shall have directe the form and marmer in which it all be presented. Three da ’ notice, in writing, shall be given the defendant of the hearing of thi ap lication, and if then mm. continued at his instance the writ as prayed £all be granted as a matter of course. When an in'unction has been granted it shall be binding on the defendant throughout the District of Columbia and any violation of the provisions of m`unction herein provided shall be a contempt as heremafter provided.