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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 52. 1914. 313 To ay the salary of the envoy extraordinar and minister leni - P°¤¤¤: 1;,. er tentiaiiy to Paraguay at $10,000 per annum,yl'rom Decembdi sixlth `?1°nl?¢iyp.f;4iiusi t°' nineteen hundre and thirteen, to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, authorized by the Act of December sixth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $3,500, or so much thereof as may be necessary, and the sum of $10,000 appropriated by the Diplomatic and Consular E,,’“‘“‘Q,’};,,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ Act of February twenty-erghth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, for V¤1·°?7·r- 6¤8· salary of the envoy extraordinary and minister plenippltentiary to Par ay and Uruguay for the Hscal year ending June t ° tieth, nineteen¤€i1u.ndred and fourteen, is made available for payment of the salary of the envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to Uru a , authorized by the said Act of December sixth, nineteen **"“·P·“*· hundgileci, and thirteen. _ To reimburse the appropriations for transportation subsistence, ,,,{,‘,;’f*°°° d“°“'*" and medical supplies o the Arrinly, amounts expended for relief of R¤i1;P;;r¤;¤}1¤¤¢°1¤f destitute American citizens in exico, including transportation to $iE°$u¤¤a•a¤ii¤i.¤.i°i thivir htcilmes in the qntilted %>ates, $40%152.47. B A i or eex nseso ear itrationo outstandmg` ecuniary s "!°' °"‘ between the Uanited States and Great Britain, in accgrdance with the §`;;¢i¤é7 dT:;¤m- special agreement concluded for thatlpurpose August eighteenth mne- ’ P' teen hundred and ten, and the sched e o claims thereunder, including office rent in the District of Columbia and the compensation of arbitrator, umpire, agent, counsel, clerical and other assistants, to be ex ended under the direction of the Secretary of State, $23,094.42. P ga ent to Panama: To enable the Secretary of State to patv to Aaamipsymanna the (gdiiernment of Panama the second annual payment due on eb- V°‘· °“·*’· ”°‘· ruary twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, from the Government of the United States to the Government of Panama under treaty of November eighteenth, nineteen hundred and three, $250,000. hwmmm, LW Intemational commission on public and private international law: cammssm. For payment of compensation to, and the necessary expenses of, the ,,§""“°"‘ °‘ ‘*“°"‘· representative or representatives of the United States on the Inter- V¤!·°"·P· 155*- national Commission of Jurists, organized under the convention s` ed at the Third Intemational American Conference August twenty-iiid, nineteen hundred and six, approved by} the Senate February third, nineteen hundred and eight, ratified by the President February eighth, nineteen hundred and eight, and proclaimed May first, nineteen undred and twelve, for the Hpurpose of preparing drafts of codes of public and rivate internation law; and for the payment of the quota of the United States of the expenses incident to the pre aration of such vc, 3, 1656 drafts, including the compensation of experts under Xrticle IV of the ’P' ' convention, $1,000, or so much thereof as may be necessatrhy, to be immediately available, and to continue available during e fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Deput- CONTINGENT nxrmrsns: For freight, expressage, telegraph and °<>¤*i¤¢·¤¢·¤P¤¤¤¤¤ telephone service, $2,000. T ,s mm OFFICE OF Tnnasrmmzz For purchase of furniture, adding map Mmmm applichines, labor-saving machines, tabulating equi ment, inc uding “°°“’°t°‘ exchange, repairs, miscellaneous eiipenses of instagation, cards an filing devices, and for rental of tab af and card-sorting machines, for use m the office of Treasurer of theul§nited States, $7 ,000. Orme!. OF AUDHUR Fon P0s·r Orman Dnrannmmz The Sec- 0$c‘;*§°¥,*°¤’ fm retary of the Treasury is authorized during the remainder of the fiscal naman m year nineteen hundred and fourteen to diminish, as vacanciw occur §,g' °’“°' °' """ the number of plosrtrons of the several ades below the grade of chief of divisions in the omee of the Auditor Ihr the Post Office Department