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314 SIX’I‘Y—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 52. 1914. df_'°°°,¤.,'““°,,,N,,-’“' "*°· d the unexpended bal ces of the appropriations for the os'- zidnsuso? diminished as a fundatlo pg, on a ]iilece§·ate basis, to be Exeil by the Secreta.ry of the Treasury, e compensation of such number of employees as may be necessary to tabnlate by the use of mechanical devices, the accounts and vouchers of the Postal Service. 00*;%;* s“PP*’ Gmmmu. Summr Comrrrrn: For fifteen clerks, at the rate of Addi¤¤¤¤1¤1¤rk¤ $900 per annum to be employed for service in connection with the General Supply Oommittee for not exceeding four months during the remainder o current fiscal year, $4,500, or so much thereof as may be necessary. °*’“*°°“'° P•P°’» Drs·rn¢c·rrvm rarnn mn Ummm Srarns sncumrms: For distincsemirlties. tive f UnitedStates securiti ,' l ’ th b' ts

 this head in the s1md1y8Sci$(aI;ig:§;>1iati‘iol1a2§t tioiettlie

year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $49,455. ?¤°“¤‘·°“*¤¤· runuo mmainwes, CONSTRUCTION aim srrns. ,t,,°{°“'°'°°°"’“’ '"°“* For siteshcommencement, continuation, or comtptletion of public

 within the respective limits of cost au orized by law

mcluding rent and removal expenses m cities pending extension and remod uildmgs, as follows: ”¤“°¢’”*¤= —‘—*°~ Ow Alabama, post office and courthouse: For additional °‘”°“°;‘· °°· Carrolltogn, ppist office: For compgetégn, $7,500. °"· exas office: or new site 2 ,000. D°*”'*· '“°'*· $7(I?e0gr0oii:, Micliigan, post omce and courthouse: For completion, ‘*°°¤=°°°"¤· "°*- wn Texas, post office: F ‘te, $5,000. N°' Y°*· N- Y· New ork NewYork, barge officezollidxi additional amount neeegary ug? dn"' pk"' to provide (piers and slips for the Ellis Island Ferry, the V 3°**" *378* boarding vessels, an the revenue cutters, $50,000, together with the unegended balance, amounting to $39,935, of the appropriation for ren _ and moving expenses of the barge office, whi sum is reap-

 ·»·-··»~··· -···= "'i’~§’““‘§" i”‘i~:“‘““{’· °E“'“l?£’t¤l°' “‘°i? "“'*’°i°"‘ { it n

_ ew or ew or ,co ouse: orre urtp°°Alr?•?i¤¤=. cw- hizuse and_pd11t&ilice building, iiécluding alt:hriJt’ii>rris?m nct:i tmgs_ uusce eous repairs an pam , ° equipmient, lighting fixtures, and so idligh, ailsigciribnclegiing din the exterior walls of the buulding, in order to provide increased accommodations for the United States court, and, so far as practicable, for all Qovernment omcigls peg occb:)1py£;1(¥)15e510ted quarters, including movexpenses mc: en ere , , . §;’x'§,{’f;j°,,,,,_ miIew_York, New York, post office: For wire 'Hes, artitions, gates and rails, metal shelvmgyfor vaults, files rooms, and so Med Om forth desks and bulletin ards, and other special fixtures, $50,000, °· °· Toledo, Ohio, customhouse and courthouse: For completion of Tum Tu enlrlargiamenlt, extensuzn, tgrgmprovement, $25,000. lm ay or, exas, pos office: or si 5,000. §;,,%g,’m ,2';,;,,,,,,,_ The accountmni officers of the Treesin;y Department are authorized and directed to ow in the settlement o the accounts of S. R. Jacobs,

thizin pi $10% under the appropriation “Post office

an , e ass, exas." rmsuc numnmcs, nnmms, nqurrnmicr, nm GENERAL inxmmsns. R°°°l*”°°°’”'"' Reairsand reservation:F re d gggyygti f bli mm buildiiigs, including the_same ob);-ectsi) ed hinder thisolliegdiiil tbz sund? civil appropriation Act or the fiscal year nineteen hundred and ourteen, $50,000.