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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 130. 1914. 395 thereof; apprehension and delivery of deserters and stragglers, and for rzilway guides and other expenses incident to transportation, $850, 00. Recruiting: Expenses of recruiting for the naval service; rent of R°°“"““¤· rendezvous and expenses of mairitaming the same; advertising for and obtaining men and apprentice seamen; actual and necessary expenses in lieu of mileage to officers on duty with traveling recruitinguparties, $130,000: Provided, That no part of this appropriation *’C;,°§ggg,° 0, ,80,6 sh be expended in recruiting seamen, ordinary seamen, or appren- quiredtice seamen unless, in case of minors, a certificate of birth or a verified written statement by the parents, or either of them, or in case of their death a verified written statement by the legal guardian, be first furnished to the recruiting officer showipg applicant to be of e required by naval regulations, which sh be presented with iiiie application for enlistment; except in cases where such certificate is caf1’g§d°'°°*“ °‘ °PP“‘ unobtainable, enlistment may be made when the recruiting officer is _ convinced that oath of applicant as to age is credible; but when it is D"’°’”"¥° °‘““'“’”· afterwards found, upon evidence satisfactory to the Navy Dqpartment, that recruit has sworn falsely as to age, and is under eig teen years of age at the time of enlistment, he shall, upon request of either parent, or_, in case of their death, by the legalugpardian, be released rom service in the Navy, upon payment o f cost of Hist outfit, unless, in any given case, the Secretary, m his discretion, shall relieve said recruit o such payment: Provwkled, That authority is hereby "·“'°““‘“g‘g°“°‘°“· granted to employ the services of an advertising agency or agencies m advertising for recruits under such terms and conditions as are most advantageous to the Government. Any alien of the age of twenty-one ears and u ward who may, §],;*§,§‘,g{“§,‘§*§§;, 0,, under existing law, become a citizen 0; the Unitedp States, who has gjcfggggnpgfsvgggi served or may hereafter serve for one enlistment of not less than four mm. years in the United States Na or Marine Corps, and who has received therefrom an honorable%scharge or an ordinary discharge, with recommendation for reenlistment, or who has completed four years in the Revenue-Cutter Service and received therefrom an honorable discharge or an ordinary discharge with recommendation for reenlistment, or who has comp·leted four yeais of honorable service in the naval auxiliary service, shall be admitted to become a citizen of the United States upon his petition without any previous declaration of his intention to become such, and without aproof of residence on shore, and the court admitting such alien sh l, in addition to proof of good moral character, be satisfied by comgetent roof from naval or revenue-cutter sources of such service: romded' , That an §;g*j_g{*ahm°,b0nm honorable discharge from the Navy, Marine Corps, Revenue-Cutter sblecischargesspmor Service, or the naval auxiliary service or an ordinary discharge with °f°°“"°t°" recommendation for reenlistment, shall be accepted as proof of good moral character: Provided further, That any court whic now has or I”“° °‘°°"“'*°°*°· may hereafter be given jurisdiction to naturalize aliens as citizens of the United States may immediately naturalize any alien applying under and furnishing the proof prescribed by the foregoing provisions. Contingent: Femage, continuous·serv1ce certificates, ischarges, °°"“"¤"‘· good—con act badges, and medals for men and boys; purchase of gymnastic apparatus: transportation of effects of eceased officers and enlisted men of the Navy; books for training apprentice seamen and landsmen; maintenance of gunnery and other training classespacking boxes and materials; ooks and models; stationery; and other contingent expenses and emergencies arising under cogmzance of the Bureau of Navigation, unforeseen and impossible to classify, $15,000. _ Gmmery exercises: Prizes, trophies, and badges for excellence m G¤¤¤¤*¥ ¤¤¤¢¤*=¤¤· gunnery exercises and target practice; for the estabhshment and