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SIXTY—'I`HIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 141. 1914. 463 nographer and typewriter, $900; two junior messengers, at $420 each; in all, $11,060. Documents: Chief of division,_ $3,000; assistants—one $1,500, one D°°“m°“`°’· $783 gtenographer and typewriter, $900; junior messenger, $420; m , 6,600. Manuscript: Chief of division, $3 000; assistants—chief $1,500, one “"“‘”°"p*· $960; junior messengpr, $420·in ail, $5,880. Maps and charts: hief of division, $3,000; assistants-—one $1,500, M°*’° ‘““‘ °’“""°· two at $960 each one $780; jumor messenger, $420; in all, $7,620. Music: Chief of division, $3,000; assistants-one $1,500, one $1,000, Mm"' two at $780 each; junior messenger, $420; in all, $7,480. Prints: Chief of division, $2,000;_assistants——one $1,500, two at P"‘“s‘ $960 each; junior messengg, $420; m all, $5,840. Smithsonian deposit: todigilié $1,50.% assistant, $1,500; mes- Smm"°“”’“d°"°°“‘ se er, $720; 'uniorm er, 0; in $4,14 . %>ngressioniml Reference Library: Custodian, $1,500; assistants- ,,, 'f“'R°'°" on§1,200, one $900, one $780; two junior messengers, at $420 each; in , $5,220. Law Library: Librarian, $3,000; assistants-two at $1,400 each, L"' L“"’“" one $960, one $540, one for evening service, $1,500; junior messenger, $420; m all, $9,220. Legislative reference: To enable the Librarian of _COIlg1'% to em- I"°°‘°”*°°°‘·°“"'* ploy competent persons to prepare such indexes, digests, and compilations of law as may be required for Congress and other official WL M_ 1, .,53_ use pursuant to the Act approved June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six, $25,000. Semitic and Oriental Literature: Chief of Division, $3,000; assist- m2‘g,,“‘,{,"}§_“"° °"°'“" ant, $1,500; junior messenger, $420; in all, $4,920. Cormrem onion: Register, $4,000; assistant register, $3,000; °°p’"‘h°°m°°‘ clerks—four at $2,000 each, four at $1,800 each, seven at $1,600 each, one $1,500, eight at $1,400 each, ten at $1,200 each, ten at $1,000 each, eighteen at $900 each, two at $800 each, ten at $720 each, four at $600 each, two at $480 each; four junior messengers, at $360 each. Arrears, special service: Thrleile clerks, at $1,200 each; rter, $720; junior messenger, $360* in , $102 580. p0D1sr12mm·10N or cann nmnxns: hor service in connection with °""“°°“°" distribution of card indexes and other publications of the Librmq, including not exceeding $500 for freight charges, expressage, trave - ing expenses connects with such distribution, and expenses of attendance at meetings when incurred on the written authority and direction of the Librarian, $33,500. Tnmromuzr smzvrons: For special and temporary service, includ- '*`°’“P°"” '°"‘°°'· ing extra special services of regular employees at the discretion of the Librarian, $2,000. - Camzmn snnvzcn: For service in connection with the Senate and ¤¤¤M¤¢M·*~ House Office Buildings, $960, or so much thereof as may be necessa . gyU1\"DAY ormvmo: To enable the Library of Congress to be kept S““““’ °*’°“*“g‘ open for reference use from two until ten o’clock postmeridian on Sundays and legal holidays, within the discretion of the Librarian, including the extra services of employees and the services of additional employees under the Librarian, $10,000, or so much thereof as maiy be n9c8SSa'r§;-IB Increase of Lib xcnnasn or naar or Conoanss: For urchase of books for rmasa or biiaorkg, the Library, including payment in advance fhr subscription books °°°· and society publications and for freight, commissions, and travehng expenses incidental to the ac uisition of books by purchase, gift, or exchange, to continue availabie during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen, $90,000, together with the imexpended balance of the sum appropriated for this object for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and ourteen;