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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 191. 1914. 535 tg time by hinii, vlsihich shall be subject to the approval of the board of e ucation an the commissioners. For five graduate nurses, one of whom shall be colored, who shall act G’°d°°*° ¤“”°°· as lppblic-school nurses, at $900 each $4,500. scn1.1..aNnoUs: For rent of school buildings, repair shop, storage §§,j°{“°°°°¤* gags? ) eq;-lnkp temporary rooms for classes above ,§,¤§},§’g,‘“§,,_*°’¤P°‘ the second grade, now on h time, and to provide for estimated ' increased enrollment that may be caused bg-loperation of the compulsory education law, and for purchase of necessary articles and gupplies to lbe uged in tgegoviirse of i;1struction which may be provided or at ica an ungra e c asses, 5,000. Foryxgnpairs and improvements to school buildings and grounds and B°°°l”’°*°‘ for repairing and renewing heating plumbing, and ventilating apparatus, ialxég instilallation of sanitary fountains in buil ings not su wit same, $115 000. gpdetailed statement ot] the expenditure of the aplpglolpriation made ,°q*,,*,'},“g} "““‘“°* for urposes expressed in the foregoing paragraph be submitted to Congress in the Book of Estimates for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen, and annuallg thereafter. For purchase and repair of too , machinery, material, and books "'“"““€ °" and apparatus to be used in connection with instruction in manual training, and incidental expenses connected therewith, $25,000. _ For el, gas, and electric light and power, $85,000. F°°** “‘“'“* °*°· For furmture, including c ocks, pianos, and window shades for """"“‘“'°· additions to buildings for kmdergartens, and also tools.and furnishings for manual-training, cooking, and sewing schools as follows: One “P°°“’°‘*’°"°°“· four—room addition to the Congress Heights School, $1,000; one sixroom addition to the Bimey School, $1,500; five kindergartens $1,700; on; sewing schoogj1$;i0; one cooking school, $300; one manual training s op, $300; in , ,950. For contingent expenses, including furniture and repairs of same, °""“"“'“““"""‘ stationery, printing, ice, purchase and repair of equipment for highschool cadets, and other necessary items not otherwise provided or, including an allowance of $300 for livery of horse or garage for each the superintendent of schools and superintendent of janitors, and inclugingls not exceeding $1,000 for books, books of reference, and rio ic , $47,500. P€For purchase of pianos for school buildings and kindergarten "·‘¤°°· * schools, at an average cost not to exceed $300 each, $900. For textbooks and school supplies for use of pupils of the first ““PP“°'*°P°¤’“’· eight grades, who at the time are not sulpplied with the same to be distributed by the superintendent of pub c schools under regulations to be made by the board of education of the District of Columbia, and for the necess expenses of purchase, distribution and preservation of said textbonolg and supplies, including one booklceeper and custodian of textbooks and supplies, at $1,200, and one assistant, at $600, $66,000: Provided That t board of education, in its discretion, is ;¤>¤¤¤· authorized to make exchanges of such books and other educational °° 8 ' puglicationls nowppjhanél gs mayunot be desirable for use. mags or purc ase o United States , $800. ‘ 1For eqrgngent, grading, and aigdipmving six additional school 1"’”'°““‘“· a groun , 900. P lli>i1s1iu?1i°iiIll•Iii ° ““d "°*’“i’i°g f°’°”""ight "1“"g'° ““°““ “°" esta e , , . For 1}tenlsilsima3erial, and labor, for establishment and maiute- °°“°°"°"’°"’· nanceo sc oo gat ens, $1,200. For purchase of apparatus, and extending the e§uipment and for ,,,§§;"’,§$’ d°P“"""°“‘* maintenance of the phgics departments in the usmess, Central, Eastern, Western, and Street High Schools, $3,000.