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726 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 313, 314. 1914.

 in the interests of commerce and navigation, and most economical

and advantageous in the execution o the work: Promkied, That allotments from the amount hereby appropriated shall be made by the Secretapr of War pupon the recommendation of the Chief of 1iis¤issipp|Rlv¤r· Engineers: rovided fu cr, That allotments for the Mississippi River from the Head of Passes to the mouth of the Ohio River sha I be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War in accordance with the plans, specifications, and recommendations of the Mississippi S M ,,,,0,, 0, River Commission as approved by the Chief of Engineers: And pro- ¤¤°£;:¤¤¤ vided further, That at e beginnirég of the next session of Congress a ecial re ort shall be made to o ss by the Secretary of War ghowing the amount a.llotted underliiilig appropriation to each work of improvement. Approved, October 2, 1914. . October 3, 191¢· CHAP. 314.-An Act Granting to The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway iS· lgml Company a right of way through the Fort Wingate Military Reservation, New Mexico, (Public, No. 206.] and or other purposes. - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repreacnurtives of the United ,,}`y°“R,l§,*}’,,??,'§,,,“,},‘j States of Amerika in Corgan ass That The Atchison, Topeka H13 W um, and Santa Fe Railway mpany, of Kansas, a corporation created to iihwmgz rt ’ under and b virtue of the laws of the State of Kansas, be, and the Y gig'; F° "" same is hereby, granted authority, subject to the limitations and conditions hereinafter set forth, to survey, locate, construct, and maintain a railway, telegraph, and telegpone line into and upon Fort W°mgate Military Reservation, New exico, to connect with its resent right of way, as my be determined and approved by the Secretary of War or the chi officer of the department under whose s ° ron such reservation may otherwise fall. wma 2. That said corporation is authorized to use for all purposes of a railway, telegraph, and telephone line, and for no other urpose, a right of way two hundred feet in width through said Fort ¥Vingate Reservation, with the right to use other additional ground when cuts and fills may be necessary for the construction an maintenance of said roadbe , not exceeding one hundred feet in width on each side of the said right of way, or as much thereof as may be included in said cut or fill, excepting, owever from said right of way hereby granted that strip or portion thereof which would be included within the limits of theipresent two hundred foot right of wa§ heretofore granted to

aid e Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe ailway Company and

mam. used by it as its main line right of way: Provhkd, That no part of the R°“"'”"°"°“°’°' lands erein authorized to be taken shall be used except in such manner and for such purposes as shall be necmsary for the construction and convenient operation of said railway, telegraph, and telephone lines and the use and enjoyment of the rights and privileges erein granted; and when any portion thereof s ll cease to be so use by other lines- used such portion shall revert to the United States: Provided further, That any other lplerson or duly orianized corporation constructing a railroad along a e necessitating the crossing of said reservation may u on obtaining a license from the Secretary of War, or from the chief ogicer of the epartment under whose supervision such reservation mai otherwise all, use the track and other constructions herein authorized to be placed upon the reservation by the said The Atchison, compemem. Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company upon paying just compensation; and, if the parties concerned can not agree upon the amount of such compensation, the sum or sums to be aid for said use shall be fixed by the Secretary of War or by the chiefpoflicer of the department mgitscription to he under whose supervision such reservation may otherwise all: Provided further, That before thk Act shall become operative a descrip-