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858 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Srss. III. Ch. 75. 1915. ington, District of Columbia, and in the field, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, $70,000 ; ¤{,’} "'"‘° For invwtigation as to the causes of mine explosions, methods of ’ mining, especially in relation to the safety of miners, the apphances best adapted to prevent accidents, the possible improvement of conditions under which mining operations are carried on, the use of explosives and electricity, the prevention of accidents, and other in uiries and technologic investigations pertinent to the mining industry, $347,000; _ _ m2‘1:=;g¤z ¤¤1¤•r¤1 For investigation of mineral fuels and imiimshed mmeral products Ecbnomic memes. belonging to or for the use of the United States, with a view to their l’°"°‘°"°’· most efficient mining, preparation, treatment, and use, and to recommend to various departments such changes in selection and use of fuel as may result m greater economy, including personal services in the bureau at Washington, District of Columbia, not in excess of the number and total compensation of those so employed during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, $135,000; c§:g¤}{‘§ggg°°g*{c°m§, For inquiries and scientific and technologie investigations conmmmg. ’ " ce the mining, reparation, treatment, and utilization of ores and other mineral substances, with a view to improving health conditions and increasing safe , efhciency, economic deve opment, and conserving resources througi the prevention of waste in the mining, quarrying, metallurgical and other mineral industries; to inquire ,{'_•;,$‘g;,,_m_ into the economic conditions affecting these industries: Prmnded, That no part thereof may be used for investigation in behalf of any private party, nor shall ang part thereof be used for work authorized or uired y law to be one and that is being done by any other brarrilili of the public service, $100,000; m4l£¤sj;g19;¤*°,jlP,;,;; Not exceeding twenty per centum of the foregoing sum and not ma ercuumbia exceeding ten per centum of the sum for investigation as to causes of mine exp osions may be used druing the fiscal year nineteen humdred mmm in emu and sixteen for personal services in the District of Columbia- and for °°“°°"°“‘““°“ the fiscal year nineteen hundred and seventeen, and annually thereafter} estimates shall be submitted speciically for all rsonal services required permanently and entirely m the Bureau of llilines at Washington District of Columbia, and previously paid from lump-sum or gerlperal appropriatigns; h P¢¤¤¥·¤;¤ wd me or inquiries an investi ations concemin the minin , re araummm °m°m°°°` tion, treatment, and utilization of petroleum gud naturalw wlith a view to economic development, and conserving resources through the prevention of waste; to inquire into the economic conditions affecting the industry, $35,000; gi¤l9;_{¤•§‘$;¤_g;,¤A{*,:¤¤· For equipment and extension of mine rescue station at Birmingham, Alabama, $3,000; ¤¤A1¤¤=·n<>¤¤ For repairs to mine rescue Station at MOA.l8St»81°, Oklahoma, $500;

- u_ Towa dismantlinsg and removal of the plant of the Pittsburgh

paziimilixfiaueii. Mining Experiment tation and installation in the new buildings m v°L "’· P· 8**** Pittsburgh constructed under the authority contained in section twenty-six of the dpublic buildinlgs act, approved March fourth, nineteen hundred an thirteen, inc uding the employment of necessary labor; machinery, appliances, materials and supplies, f1u·niture and office equipment, cases for apparatus, shades, awnings, and all other articles made necessary byosuch removal to fully equip and furnish these new buildings for la ratory and office purposes, $57,300; _,,§,‘S§g° ‘¤’P°°*°*· For one mine inspector for duty in Alaska, $3,000; P¤•¤¤m. For per diem, subject to such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may rescribe, in lieu of subsistence at a rate not exceeding $4 when absent on official business from his designated headquarters, and for actual necessary traveling expenses of said inspector, $2,500; “"'° or clerk to mine inspector of Alaska, $1,500;