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926 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cns. 80, 81. 1915. F'¤¤¤*¤=*¤¤ °¤¤ A ro riations in this Act shall not be used for the a ent to

iii- pulg- the lwashington Gas Light Company for any gas furnisiiedthy said

°°"“°°‘“'” °‘°°‘ company at a rate in excess of 70 cents per one thousand cubic feet of gas so furnished for use in any) of the public buildings of the United States or the District of Colum ia. p°_‘¤,g‘_€°=*'”¤*””‘* Sec. 8. That all laws and parts of laws to the extent that they are inconsistent with this Act are repealed. Approved, March 3, 1915. 1fg<=g§.9_}%g· ho?. ;}nct0'il‘1;>(;1;)thorize aids to navigation and other works in the Lightmm. Num Be it enacted by the Sen/ate and House of Representatives eythe United mmmwm States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of Commerce IS hereby authorized to establish, provide, or improve the followinlg aids to navigation and other works in the Lgghthouse Service, un er the Department of Commerce, in accor ance with the resapfctive limits of costs hereinafter respectively set forth, which sh in no ease be exceeded. ruseasa-ia. FIRST ucumovsm DISTRICT. ugsiv Groir mw. ‘3.%(l)i)ght at or near Dog Island entrance to Saint Croix River, Maine, same enum. i smooim ucnmousn msrnrcr. W¤¤¤¤ H¤1•>.M¤¤¤- Improvements at Woods Hole lighthouse depot, Massachusetts, $50,000. me amuse. Tmnn Lromnousn DISTRICT. H¤¤$¤h Riv¤r»N·Y- Im ro the aids to navigation and establishing new aids on the Iziiidson iRiver, New York, $100,000. wd? Hwk. N--1- Improving the aids to navigation at Sandy Hook, New Jersey, $20,000. rama mmm. FOURTH LIGHTHOUSE DISTRICT. - 1>¤¤¤v¤r¤ 1¤v¢.P¤· Im roving the aids to navigation and establishing new aids on md D°l' the Iiialaware River, Pennsylvania and Delaware, $80,000. S1=¤1=d1¤¤·i¤¢· srxm Lrorrrnousn DISTRICT. Saint mms River. Impro the aids to navigation and establishing new aids on Fl"' the Sainmgms River, Florida, below Jacksonville, $66,000. Bmnth drum. smvnxm LIGHTHOUBE DISTRICT. “°"‘*° *’~°°"· Additional lighted aids for Florida Reefs, and repairs and improvements to existing aids, $75,000. m¢’*°'¤°*¤**°*~ mourn mamnousn msrsrcr. "‘¤*¤¤il>P* B‘*°*· Impro the aids to navigation and establishing new aids on the fmt Mississippi iver, below New Orleans, Louisiana, $50 000. md"' Constructing, or purchasing, and equipping a small tender and barge for eighth lighthouse district, Texas and Louisiana, $20,000. '*`°°“* mum usmnousn msrnrcr. °°““°°°*’ °’“°· Light and fo signal and improving the present aids to navigation in Conneaut Hgarbor, Ohio $63,500. T°i°d°’ °m°' Improving the aids to navigation in Toledo Harbor, Ohio, $15,000.