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938 six*rY:rH11u> 00NeRnss. sms. III. cu. ss. 1915. 7*°g *°¤'*¤¤ '°· 'I‘1zANs1>o1zrA·r1oN or Rmmms: To enable the Secretary of the mms f°m°m’ m` Navy, in his discretion, to cause to be transferred to their homes the remains of officers and enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Cor s who die or are killed in action ashore or afloat, and also to enable the Secret of the Navy, in his discretion, to cause to be transported to theilrriliomes the remains of civilian employees who die outside of Qgfgéucm mm the continental limits of the United States, $15,000: Provided, That . smtuitypsy. no deduction shall hereafter be made from the six months’ gratuity va. sv, p.a2s. pay allowed under the naval Act of August twenty-second, nineteen nundred and twelve, on account of expenses for preparation and A1>v¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤f¢¤¤¤- transportation of the remains: Provided further, That the sum herein appropriated shall be available for payment for transportation of the remains of officers and men who ave died while on duty at any time since A ril twenty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, and shall be avagable unt June thirtieth, nineteen hundred an seventeen. In all, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, $682,000. ,,§“{§,‘,},,,‘§‘,_,_*‘°*’*"‘°’ nunmu or surimms AND Aooormrrs. K°{,°{,‘§‘f,,’f°,f{· ,,, Par or rim Navy: Pay and allowances prescribed by law of mmm. officers on sea duty and other duty, $10,598,933; officers on waiting orders, $500,000; officers on the retired list, $3,070,230; clerks to paymasters at yards and stations, general storekeepers ashore and afloat, and receiving ships and other vessels, $320,520; two clerks to general inspectors of the Pa Corps, $3,625; one clerk to pzy officer in charge of deeerters’ rollg, $2,000; not exceeding ten erks to accounting omcers at yards and stations, $17,355; dental surgeon at Naval Academy, $2,400; commutation of quarters for officers on shore not occ public guarters, including boatswains, gunners carpenters, s akers, mac ` ts, pharmacists, and mates, naval constructors and assistant naval constructors, $550,000; and also members of Nurse Corps (female), $1,000; for hire of quarters for ofiicers serving with troops where there are no public uarters belonging to the Government, and where there are not sudicient quarters possessed by the United States to accommodate them, or commutation_ of quarters not to exceed the amount which an officer would receive were he not serving with troops, $1,000; pay of enlisted men on the retired list, $340,000; extra pay to men reenlisting under honorable discharge, $927,000; interest on deposits by men, $15,520; pay of petty officers, seamen, landsmen, and ap rentice seamen, mc uding men in the engineers force and men detad ed for duty with the Fish Commission forty-eight thousand men, and for the pay of enlisted men detailed for duty with the Naval Militia, $23,616,000, and the number of enlisted men shall be exclusive of those undergoing imprisonment with sentence of dishonorable discharge from the service at expiration of such confinement, $200,000; and as many machinists as the President may from time to time deem necessary to appoint, not to exceed twenty in any one year, $200,000; and three thousand five hundred apprentice seamen under training at training stations, and on board training ships, at the pay prescribed by law, $742,560; pa of the Nurse Corps, $116,940; rent of quarters for members of the lgurse Corps, $15,480; in all, $41,240,563; and the money herein specifically appropriated for "Pay of the N avy" shall be disbursed and accounted for in accordance with existing law as md mm “Pay of the Na.vy," and for that piupose shall constitute one fnmd. mm eiimiiideus ni. Section nine of the naval personnel Act of March third, eighteen

  • ’°{‘}.‘l‘Lw,,,_m,,_ hundred and mnety—ume, entitled, "An Act to ree auize and iu.

crease the eliiciency of the personnel of the Navy anldgMarine Corps of the United States," be, and the same is hereby, repealed.