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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 140. 1915. 981 em- ...°;“‘::.;..?“*¤· 0 0. To Jeremiah Cain of Urbana, $684.34. To the trustees of! the Baptist Church of Gallipolis, $175. onmom. °"‘*"°""* To Susan Sanders, only surviving heir of Ebbie Love, deceased, of Vinita, $1,200. rmuusrnvanu. ‘ P•¤¤¤v¤v¤¤i·- To estate of Jacob Johnson, deceased, late of York, Pennsylvania, $580. To Augustus B. Miller, of Norristown, $1 120. To the legal representatives of James Millingar, deceased, late a resident of ittsburgh, $1,771. S To the trustees of the Tonoloway Baptist Church, of Fulton County, 225. To the trustees of the Saint James Evangelical Luthern Church, of Gettysburg, $150. To the trustees of the Saint Mark’s German Reformed Church, of Gettysburg, $215. To the consistory of the Trinity German Reformed Church of Gettysburg, $70. soirrn canonma. ¤°¤°h°¤’¤¤¤•· To A. J. Buero, administrator of the estate of Angelo Buero, deceased, of Charleston, $725. To J. P. Matthews, administrator of Nathan Gradick, deceased, late of Richland County, $1,180. . To Robert B. Howard, heir of James B. Howard, deceased, of Charleston County, $1,100. To A. Rosenberg, executor of Moses Winstock, deceased, late of Charleston, $16,155. To the trustees of the Baptist Church of Beaufort, $2,200. To the wardens and vestry of Saint Helena Episcopal Church, of Beaufort, $1,150. To the board of trustees of the public schools of Darlington $980. To the vestry of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church, on lldisto Island, $1,200. To the Mount Zion Society, of Fairfield County, $6,000. To the trustees of the Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church South, of Hampton County, $1,710. To the trustees o the Baptist Church of Hardeeville, $1,050. To the trustees of the Stony Creek Presbyterian Church, of McPhersonville, $2,500. To the trustees of the German Lutheran Church, of Orangeburg, $983.33. To the vest and wardens of the Episcopal Church of the parish of Christ Churlcli, South Carolina, $1,450. rnmmssnn. T"“"“°° To Susan E. Joyner, M E. Roberson, Martha F. Luster, and Jane F. Crump, sole heirs oiiyisiah Anthony, deceased, late of Sumner Count V, $4,520. To Emma. R. Bailey, executrix of John J. Bailey, deceased, late of Shelb Count , $3,353. To Baniel Beckham, administrator of the estate of Alexander F. Beckham, deceased, late a resident of Lake County, $7,880.