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SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 161. 1917. 1057 fifteen, entitled “An Act for the improvement of the foreign service," ` $1,208,500. No portion of this sum shall be paid as com ation to R°*¤"°‘*’”, °¤ "*°¤ vice consuls who are not American citizens: mvided, Thflvif in any pmm. case the Secretary of State deems it impracticable immediately to T°""°""'°'"°°‘ secure a competent vice consul who is an American citizen, he may appoint or retam as vice consul and compensate from this fund a person not an American citizen until such time as he is able to designate a competent American citizen for such post. Every consul m$,2°°'u” "“°"°' ggneral, consul, and, wherever practicable, every consular agent shall an American citizen; For salaries of five consular inspectors, at $5,000 each, $25,000; °°°’°]°"°"’°°°°”' Total, $1,233,500. . 4 EXPENSES or coNsm..An msrncrons. For the actual and necessary traveling and subsistence expenses of p,,¤T§§°u°" °°°" °" consular inspectors while traveling and mspectinfhunder instructions PWM from the Secretaériy of State, $15,000: Promded, at inspectors shall 6¤b¤¤¤¤¤¤· be allowed actu and necessary expenses for subsistence, itemized, not exceeding an average of $5 per ay. sananms or OONSULAB ABBISTANTS. C I I I For forty consular assistants, as provided for by law, $46,600. Pos? ALLOWANCES ro coNsUr.Arz Arm mrr.ouA·r1o ormcmzs. *’°“’“°"""°°“· To enable the President, in his discretion and in_ accordance with °,§§;°,"“,,}’ such regulations as he may prescribe, to make special allowances by ¤¤¤-,¤¤¤¤¤¤<¤~ way of additional compensation to consular an diplomatic officers in elligerent countries and countries contiguous thereto in order to adjust their official income to the ascertained cost of hving at the posts to which they may be assigned, $200,000. ALLOWANCE mn cnnmc mms AT Ummn srxms CONSULATES. Allowance for clerk hire at consulates; to be expended under the "'°"‘“°°°“"“"°'- direction of the Secretary of State, $493,000. sAr.Amns or INTERPBETEBS T0 c0NsULArr1s IN cmNA, cuosrm, JAPAN, . AND SIBEBIA. Interpreters to be employed at consulates China, Chosen, Japan .}Q:_P'°°°*’ •* °¤* and Siberia, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary ol State, $53,700. EXPENSES or mrmxrnmrmns, GUAHJS, AND so Forrru, ut ·ru‘m¤su DOMINIONS. AND so rom'}!. Interggeters and guards at the consulates in the Turkish dominions m¥¤*•*'¤¤=°¤¤- ¤¤*¤·» Persia, orocco, nor·tl1ern Africa, and at Zanzibar, to be expended ` under the direction of the Secretary of State, $35,000. rixivnwsizs or mrsoxs ron Aimmcax coxvrcrs. ‘?**¤¤'**P*'=·*¤· Actual expense of renting a prison at Shanghai for American con- $*¤¢'**‘· _ victs in China, $1,200; for contmgent expenses, $1,800; for the wages ' of a keeper of such prison, $1,200; and or the wages of an amistant kegper of such prison,_$800; $5,000; _ aying for the keeping and feeding of grisoners in China, Chosen, ll " °-"` Siam, and Turkey, and 0 those convicted y the United States Court 91890°—vor. 39-rr 1--67