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1136 SIXTY—FOURTH CONGRESS. Srzss. II. Ch. 179. 1917. Weather Bureau. WEATHER BUREAU. mf’,y>;,gkg**;*;j, °' ‘°"· SALARIES, WEATHER BUREAU: One chief of bureau, $5,000; one ’ ’ assistant chief of bureau, $3,250; one chief clerk, $2,500; one_chief of division of stations and accounts, $2,750; one chief of printing division, $2,500; three chiefs of division, at $2,000 each; eight clerks, class four·; eleven clerks, class three; twenty-three clerks, class two; thirty-one clerks, class one; twenty-two clerks, at $1,000 each; ten Printers, mechanics, clerks, at $900 each; one foreman of printing, $1,600; one lithog- "°‘ rapher, $1,500; three lithographers, at $1,200 each; one pressman, $1,200; one printer or composrtor, $1,440; five punters or compositors, at $1,350 each; fourteen printers or composrtors, at $1,300 each; one printer or oompositor, $1,200; six printers or comppsrtors, at $1,080 each; five printers or compositors, at $1,000 eac ; four folders and feeders, at $720 each; one chief instrument maker, $1,440; three instrument makers, at $1,300 each; three skilled mechanics, at $1,200 each; five skilled mechanics, at $1,000 each; one skilled mechanic, $840; one skilled mechanic, $720; six skilled artisans, at $840 each; one engineer, $1,300; one fireman and steam fitter, $840; four firemen, at $720 each; one captain of the watch, $1,000; one electrician, $1,200; one gardener, $1,000; four repairmen, at $840 each; six repairmen, at $720 each; four watchmen, at $720 each; M°°°¤“¢°”·"*°- hteen messengers, messenger be , or laborers, at $720 each; six messengers, meswnger boys, or la orers, at $660 each; thirty-one messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at $600 each; sixty-four messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at $480 each; five messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at $450 each; four messengers, messenger boys, or laborers, at $380 each; thirty-seven messenger boys, at $360 each; one charwoman, $360; three charwomen, at $2-gn}0 each; in all, $327,S§%0. B G¤¤¤r¤1¤¤¥:>¤¤¤<==· ENERAL EXPENSES, EATHER UREAU: For C8.I'I’_Yl11' into effect

,$§”’H°°°°° M °b` in the District of Columbia and elsewhere in the Unitell States, in

the West Indies, in the Panama Canal, the Caribbean Sea, and on adjacent coasts, in the Hawaiian Islands, in Bermuda, and in Alaska, v¤1. 26, p.653· the provisions of an Act approved October Hist, eighteen hundred and ninety, so far as they relate to the weather service transferred thereby to the Department of Agriculture, for the employment of professors of meteorology, district forecasters, local forecasters meteorologists, section directors, observers, apprentices, 0 erators, skilled mechanics, instrument makers, foremen, assistant lforemen, proof readers, compositors, pressmen, lithographers, folders and feeders, reparrmen, station agents, messengers, messenger boys, laborers, special observers aymen, and other necessary employees; for fuel, as, electricity, freig t and express ch , furniture, stationery, ice, dry goods, twine, mats, oil, {paints, glass, lumber, hardware, and washing towels;for advertising; or urchase, subsistence and care of horses and vehicles, the purchase andp repair of harness, for official purposes only; for instruments, shelters, apparatus, storm—warning towers and repairs thereto; for rent of offices; for repairs and improvements to existing buildings and care and reservation of grounds, including the construction of necessary ouflruildings and sidewalks on public A streets abutting Weather Bureau grounds; and the erection of) temporary buildings for living quarters of observers; for official traveling expenses; or telephone rentals and for tele aphing, telephoning, and cabling reports and messages, rates to be ged by the Secretary of Agriculture by agreements with the companies performing the service; for the maintenance and repair of Weather Bureau telegraph, telephone, and cable lines; and for every other expenditure required for the establishment, uipment, and maintenance of meteorological ofiices and stations andefor the issuing of weather forecasts and warnings of storms, cold waves, frosts, and heavy snows, the gauging and