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292 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 209. 1916. not otherwise and the other half out of the revenues ' `ct o Co bla. . ·4;¤£_:¢•·¤<·’¤ °fAhrlin]?g1t2>t1l1l[unorial Amphitheater: For completing the construc- Abiim uaugf tion under the direction 0 a commission consisting of the Secretary ,,V°'·§;,'?,;}’t§§§% of War, the of the Nagy, and Superintendent of the ¤¢¥¤·n • United States Ca ito Building an Gronmds, Ivory G. Kunball, r·epresent1ng' the (grand Army of the Republic the commander of Camp One undred andiseventy-one, United Confederate Veterans of the District of Cohimbia; and Charles W. Newton, reglriesentmg the United Spanish -War Veterans, of ·a amp theater, including a lcihapel, •tt:htl;§°Nation•§”‘Geme1ery gtéigltlmgton, Vgggng, andinacco ancewi ~ guinea Carre;-can ,arc c , of New York Cit , ad ted y tlufeommission heretoligfe appointed, to be avaogable and to remain available until expended, $100,000. ’ “ `· ·‘ ‘ , mvnn md wm. Harbors and rivers, contract work: Toward the construction of °°°"“"’°'°"" works ·on harbors and rivers, under contract and otherwise, and within the limits authorized by law, mcluiiurg h<n·se—d:ra.wn and motor— ropelled §cnger—carrying vehicles required and to be used only For official iness, namely: · - — VM- M. r- M8- For works authoigizpid by the river and harbor Act of nineteen hundred and seven, as o ows: , mgmt ¤¤¤¤ RMM Improving Saint Marys River, Michigan: For continuing improvermmmar. ment at thefalls by the construction o ·a fourth lock, $500,000. VM- 34. P- 1079- drgdur wp;-k authorrgaelil by the river and harbor Act of nineteen hunan seven, as o ows: N¤;>¤<¤ Sims IM. Improving Cold~Spring Inlet, New Jersey: For continuing improve- ' ment, with a. view to securing a_depth of twenty-five feet, $20,000, · I•‘or·wprk_auth¤mzeg§l>(y thelnver and harbor Act of nineteen hunan ,88 ‘ · __?gIg·¤§¤*g WW Harbor of Itefuge, Cape Lookout, North Carolina: For continuing von. ai,pZ ai:. construction m covipipletion of contract authorization $600,000. $;·m<;¤;¤•§m¤·!· Improving Pro ence River and Harbor, Rhode Island: For com- ’ pleting improvement of thirty-foot channel, $327,800. "Z}’,,'§§,°ff,_*§§§g°”‘· Improving Tillamook Bay and Bar, Oregon: For completing imrovement, subject to the conditions s ecified in the`river and harbor Act of March fourth, nineteen hunched and thirteen, $35,000. Mw. Maps, War Department: For publication of engineer maps for use of the War Department, mclusrve of war maps, $7,500. U§gf;•_yrg,{ w¤;·3*:*: Survey of northern and northwestern lakes: For survey of northern nre. and northwestern lakes, Lake of the Woods, and other boundary and connecting waters between said lake and Lake Superior, Lake Champlam, and the natural na ble waters embraced in the navigation system of the New Yvdiglg canals, including all necessary expenses for preparin correcting, extending, printing, binding, and issuing charts and bulletins, and of investigating lake levels with a Cmrtqma mm view to then regulation, $l25,000. _ c,,,,,,,,,,S,,,,_ Cahforma Dé ns Commission. For defraying the expenses of the "°'·27·P· 5°7· commission in carrying on the work authorized by the Act of Congigssmgpproved March first, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, §`»‘,‘Z,“§§,§{:’,,*§',,*,i,‘?,§;,s Harbor of ew York: For prevention of obstructive and injurious °*P°¤*¤· deposits withm_ the harbor and adjacent waters of New York City: exggligsipgayf ga deputy inspectors, and office force, and or psy of crews and maintenance of atrol fl ° P ml me mg 0m1m§1ch’ $75,000; f p cet, six steam tugs ° V · or urc asc or construction 0 on · In ag, $160,260. e patrol vessel, $75,000,