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518 SIXTY —FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cus. 360, 361. 1916. · A‘ :1,101a cna]?. 0.- A vndm` ° g for the discov , develo ent, and rotection ‘ ¤?;tm‘·] of holes in the. desert anillyarid pub§lands of the United

 States, fm rendering the same more readily accessible, and for the establishment of

and maintenance of sxgnboards and monuments locating the same. Be it enacted by the Senate and House og 1%presentati·ves of the United §'§E‘f,'1',",§°,f;,,,, .,, States of America in Congress as i ~ at the Secretary of the s ·•*~m}¤<>¤·¤· ¤°·=·· ¤¤ Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and empowered, 111 dis- "M dl cretion in so far as the authorizatiommade herein will pxermitpto discover, develop, rotect, and render more accessible for the benefit of the eral public springs, streams, and water holes on and public ,,,,E,'§§f‘§§,_ °' ‘*g“` lands geixlhe United States; and in connection therewith to erect and

 suitable and durable monuments andsignboards at proper

plaom. and intervals along and near thoaccustomed of travel and over the general area of saididesert lands, containinghmformation ‘ ` and directions as to the location and nature of said springs, streams; and water holes, to the end that the same may ‘be_mere`rea&ly traced ¥·•·¤ of ¤¢¤i=*¤¢- and found by persons in search or need thereof; also to provide venient and ready means, apparatus, and appliances by which water may pe brlpught to thixeart ’s surface alt ggid gvater for the lD*¤**“>¤*i°¤°'*¤·use0 suc rs0ns;a t0`prepare' an `triutesuia em `· i°°'°t°` reports, and Peeneral information relating to said springs, strem: apd waiter holes, and their specific location with reference to lint 0 trav . ,,§T*"""""'°““*"°" Sec. 2. That to carry out the urposes of this Act the expenditure of §10,000, or so much thereol as may be necessary, is hereby authorized. 4 ‘ ?¤¤1¤¤¤¤¤¤H¤r rm- Sec. 3. That whoever shall willful] or malicious] in', dest if u°‘°°"“’“"°°’°°°“ defaee, or remove any of said mcnugents or signpogtsjor shall fully or maliciously Eli up, render foul, or in anywise destroy or im air the utility of said springs, streams, or water holes, or shall wisfully or mahciously interfere with saidmonuments, si posts, streams, springs, or water holes, or the purposes for which Slay are maintains and used, shall be fined not more than $1,000 or impris·· oned not more than three years, or both. R·s¤¤¤¤ums.·¤=. Sec. 4. That the Secretary of the Interior is hereb authorized to perform any and all acts and make such rules andy regulations as ~» — may be necessary for the purpose of carrying the provisions of this Act into full force and effect. Approved, August 21, 1916. ` swam "· ****6- cnn. sei.-Aa Aa res times mm rsse·m· ·

 Nevada to homestead entry  desert-lallild entryzuaynd to amiaiiids and m  

U‘¤l>i¤¤» N0-_2i6·1 “An Act to open abandoned military rewrvations ID the State of Nevada to hemestead entry," approved October Ent, eighteen hundred and ninety. Be it enacted by the Senate and House o Re esentatives 0 the United

1}%.:32 States of America in _0<mtgres8_assembZef1, '{liat all the `ggriculguml

,,,j*,§,§_"§,'§,‘_§‘}‘,,“',,,,,";f‘°*‘ lands embraced withm e milit reservations in the Stagg of Nevada which have been placed uudder the control of the Secretary of the Interior for disposition be disposed of under the homestead irsasoiodt dm and desert-land laws, and not otherwise: Provided, That this Act mg'; “’ ° "‘ is intended to make applicable to the desert-land laws only such W- ¤>· r>· fm- lends as were included under the Act of March third, e' hteen hundred and sevent -seven, (providing for the disposition iii public lands under the clresert-lan laws. Approved, August 21, 1916.