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SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 368. 1916. 523 fine of not more than $500 or imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both, and be adjudged to pay all costs of the proceedings. Sec. 5. That all guns, traps, teams, horses, or means of transpor— t,§",§"§{Z“'° °‘ g““S· tation of every nature or description used by any person or persons ’ I within said park limits when enga ed in trap ing, ensnaring, or cgptnrrngl such wild beasts, birds, or anima shallibe forfeited to the mted tates and may be seized by the officers in said park and held pending the prosecution of any erson or persons arrested under charge of violating the provisions oi) this Act, and upon conviction under this Act of such person or persons using said s, traps, teams, horses, or other means of transportation, such glrixeiture shall be adjudicated as a penalty in addition to the other punishment provided in this Act. Such forfeited property shall be disposed of and " iccounted for by and under the authority of the Secretary of the tenor. Sec. 6. That the United States District Court for Oregon shall ,(i°fii»1¤Krlri$iii°¤Iii{' suappoint a commissioner who shall reside in the ark and who shall “*°'“Y»°*°· have jurisdiction to hear and act uipon all compilaints made of any — violations of law or of the rules an regulations made by the Secretary of the Interior for the government of the ark and for the protection of the animals, birds, and fish, and objects of interest therein, and for other pilrgposes authorized by this Act. Judicm Own in Such commissioner s have power, upon sworn information, viu1ationsolpnues,eta to issue process in the name of the United States for the arrest of any person charged with the commission of any misdemeanor, or charged with a violation of the rules and regulations, or with a violation of any of the provisions of thm Act prescribed for the government of said park and for the lprotection of the animals, irds, and fish in said park, and to try the person so charged, and if found guilty, to impose punishment and to adjudge the forfeiture prescribed. A pods In all cases of conviction an a peal shall lie from the judgment of p ` said commissioner to the United) States District Court for Oregon, and the United States court in said district shall prescribe the rules of rocedure and practice for said commissioner in the trial of cases and) for ap eal to said United States District Court. _ Sec. 7. ¥l’hat any such commissioner shall also have power to ,,,,Y'§,‘;°;,‘l}"°l" °"'"* issue process as hereinbefore provided for the arrest of any person charged with the commission within said boundaries of any crnninal offense not covered by the provisions of section four of t is Act to hear the evidence introduced, and if he is of o inion that probable cause is shown for holding the person so charged) for trial shall cause such person to be safely conveyed to a secure place of confinement within the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for Oregon, and certify a transcript of the record of his proceedings and the testimony] in the case to said court, which court shall have jurisdiction of the case: Provided, That the said commissioner shall grant §Q{,_"""- bail in all cases bailable under the laws of the United States or of said State. _ Sec. 8. That all recess issued by the commissioner shall be s°"’*°°°‘P'°°°“- directed to the marsiial of the United States for the district of Oregon, but nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to prevent the arrest rby an officer or emgloyee of the Government or any person em loyed by the United _ tates in the policing of said reservation witliin said boundaries without process of any erson taken in the act of violating the law or this Act or the reguiirtions prescribed b said Secretary as aforesaid. _ _ Sec. 9. Tliat the commissioner provided for in this Act shall be §_*;‘;’___;$ paid an annual salary of $1,500, payable rgrarterlys Provided, That gsrams., the said commissioner shall reside within the exterior boundaries of said Crater Lake National Park, at aplace to be designated by the court