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34 SIXTY—FOURTH CONGRESS. Srzss. I. Cns. 39-42. 1916. umn 1, ma CHAP. 39.-An Act To authorize the construction of a bridge across the MissislS· 2*97-} sippi River between Anoka and Hennepin Counties, in the State of Minnesota. [Publ]? New Be it enacted by the Senate and House of R_izt»1resentatices of the United

§}¤v°riiu- States rj America in Congress ccsembled, at the _Great Northern

wav. °°;ggv*;¤>;,,§ Railway Company, a corporation organized and existing under the

 laws 0 the State of Minnesota, 1ts successors and ass1gns,_be, and is

hereb , authorized to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge across the M&issipp1 River, at a point suitable to the interests of navig/iition, Commun about seven lmiiles abovle tge city 0; éllgnneapolis, in ghle Stag-> of inne- _ _ sota in acco ance wit the ct o ngress entitle ‘An ct to regu- W Mp A late ’the construction of bridges across navigable waters," approved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred and six. nmdmmt S1:;S12. The rgght to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expr y reserv . Approved, March 1, 1916. (H. Rllbgiili SaGEA.'E;; Acttgo %;tend zig tiume for tg? cogipletiogug damsbacross Aho ——-—+····· vsmm wer y su on Twm 0 t "’“”“°‘“““" ze*:;;3..Eabr·;.g°:.PiJLs¤:.*:.#:.%u.:“:i’* mi°;igh*·P’inimi¤iid ii , ve. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ?m,'"”.;¢s%?i;` ru; of America in Congress assembled, That the consent of Con ess

"c{,mP‘[,,,_ 1s_ hereby granted for the extension of the time allowed to the Tiwvin

v.,i_ 35, p. asécgol Olti Ppwcr Company to construct dams across the Savannah River 37»P·¤°»•¤°¤ authorized by an Act of February twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and eight, as amended by Act agproved June third, nineteen hundred and twelye, Ullbll years _ m the date fixed in the amending gctdgré itsdcompletion, to wit, February twenty-eighth, nineteen un an nineteen. "““°“d"‘°‘"‘ Sec. 2. That the right to amend, alter, or repeal this Act is hereby expressly reserved. _ Approved, March 1, 1916. Ms;¤h13,1916. '— - .. -i§."jL,... QHAP. 41.-—An Act To authorize the nstru ti f b 'd [public, no. zo.} gygilhyzgézer, between the towns of Metaliiie and giletcslihe gall; 8ilim1?.ilet1s(ial>ejlbci Be it enacted by the Senateand Houseo Re ‘ · _ . . presentatweso the Un ted t,*gggj}§,§§,'i;,,’§§ gzexes <¥'v.»$_mel;j¢ca tn. Congress assembled! That Pond Oreille Couxity, grid}, uetuiina to Pémt; gr mas éggton, 2%; the towns of Metalme and Metaline Falls, l¤¤¤m¤•>F¤H=~ d h 9 6 h uflby, ¤Sh1}\gt0H_, thelr Successors and assigns, bo, an _ they are ereby, authorized, ]omtly or separately, to construct, §1)18.lI&tgln,i11;n¢%{ operate a brndgcand approac_ es thereto across the mmm GH c 9 Iver, at a point suitable to the interests of navigation, Vu,_3,’p_8,_ between said towns, in accordance with the ` ° t 1 ,, provisions of the Act en git ed An Act to regulate the construction of bridges over navigad mgixwaters, approved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred

    • “‘°°‘*“‘““‘· Bxgfgs glggltvigliiic right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

Approved, March 13, 1916. March 13 1916. ~ _ gz, 0H.AP.42.——AnA :*1* 1; ‘ h · - - -

 Id3.l10, {0 CO11Si1'UCi¤ 3     Oi   and Caxm, State of

. Be it enacted by the Senate nd · · snare Rn-sr. __ . . · G HOU/$60 Répresentattzves of the Umggd

ésggocsxirg ggcgeg of  memca. an Co rgress assembled, 'llhat the Counties of Minidoka

,,,,d,,_ assis, State of Id o, are hereby authorized to construct main-