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SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Gus. 42,43, 45. 1916. 35 tain, and operate a bridge, and approaches thereto, across the Snake I·0¤¤¢i¤1· River, at a point suitable to the interest of navigation, in sections seven, eight, seventeen, and eighteen, township nine south, range twenty-five east, Boise meridian, in the count1es of Minidoka and Cassia, in the State of Idaho, in accordance with the provisions of an mw Act entitled "An Act to regulate the construction of bridges over nayigable waters," approve March twenty-third, nineteen undred an six. Sec. That tlée right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby ·'*'”°°°'”°°'* exprew y reserve . Approved, March 13, 1916. CHAP. 43.-An Act Granting the consent of Congress to Geog: Lumber Com- lihrfxdibzigif épznuyltpgsconstmct a bridge acres Flint River, Georgia, between ly and Sumter Be it enacted by the Senate and H oase of Representatives of the United States og America in Congress assembled, That the consent of Congpess g*§Q,§§{§°§;¤mb,, is here y granted to Georgia Lumber Company, a co ration c ar- Ccmgsny may bruce tered under the laws of the State of Ohio, with princypiilxiilace of busi- BZ, °°'°° ° sm" ness in the_ city of Akron, Ohio, and its successors an 4 assigns, to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge and approaches thereto across the Flint River, at a int suitable to the interests of navigation, at or near De Vaughn’s in the county of Dooly, in the State of c,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,_ Georgia, in accordance wit the provisions of the Act entitled "An V¤¤· 34»1>-84· Act to re¥ate the construction of bridges over navigable waters," apgroved arch twenty-third, nineteen hundred and sur. nc. That thie right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby -*m°°d“'“‘· express y reserve . Approved, March 16, 1916. 1 CQAP. 4§.—-An Act the State of Qklahoma permimion to occupy} “E£hIé7i°:l& §;a1pim;;€r;;.ot;up&rcg¤:.h;a5I:§r;1A§;1116r;hmw Reservation, Oklahoma, and to maintain [public, N, ul Be it enacted by the Senate and House o Re esentatives of the United . . States ofrimeriea in Congress assem.bZedKThaIi;rthe State of Oklahoma aeiggitvseigi, oliiiiiay is hereby granted permission to enter upon and occupy, for the pur- 0,'§;=;~:mg¤¤, { mg: pose of operatmghand maintaining) thereon a fish hatchery for the memy. °' prplpagation of iis for public distra ution to the people of said State, an in pursuance thereof to construct ponds, dram the landifplant EZ? 15 b'$‘i’.Z’§.'I·{.i23dti.‘f$%u2“" °'f52§`gZ£`£...’i’i‘3.'2¥%$¤i’°;$}‘ii.ii $2 Fort Sill Military Iieservation, igklahoma, viz.: All that portion of D°’°'*P“""· said reseryation and being within the boundary lines described as beginning at the northeast corner of section nineteen in township three north; range twelve, west, Indian meridian, and extending thence west along the section line a distance of one thousand eight hundred and twenty feet to a lpoint in the center of Medicine Bluff Creek; thence in a southeaster y direction, following the center line of Medicine Bluff Creek, to a mt two hundred feet west of the east line and one thousand seven houndred feet south of the north line of said section nineteen; thence two hundred feet east of the section line between said section nineteen and section twenty, thence north on the section line between said sections nineteen and twenty a distance of one thousand seven hundred feet to the {point of begimiing; said tract containingrgn area of thirty-nine and ve-tenths acres more or P , less: Provided, at the occupation and use of the said land for the 1¤gu¤,i¤¤.,¤u¤•|. aforesaid purpose shall in no manner affect the rights, title and