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SIXTY-FOURTH ooNoREss. sms. 1. ou. 417. 1916. 561 ·MAINTENANC;E1 or NAVAI1 Auxmmnms: Pay, transportation, shi - New °“i“”*°°· ping, and subsistence of civilian officers an crews of naval auxiliaries, and all expenses connected with naval auxiliaries employed in gipgrgerligbes which can not be paid from other appropriations, 69 . lnstruments and suplplies: Supplies for seamen’s quarters; and for ,,,?§.,“,§’,'fQLf°,f’,‘§{""‘°“· thei;;urch}a1se of all ot ep {nrlticles of equipage at hpsme and alflroad an or the payment 0 a or in equipping vesse therewit an magiufacture og sigch articles in thel sexgal iilagy yards; all pgotage an towage 0 s ips of war· cana to , w age dock an port charges, ang other necessary incidental expenses cg ai. similar nlatureg services an materials in repairing correcting, a justing an testing compasses on shore and on board ship; nautical and astronomical instruments and re airs to same; libraries for shi of war, rofes- . F PS BP . sional books, schoo books, and papers; compasses, compass ttmgs, including binngcletsfl tripoclsii, and {other appendiges lei shigs ccggici asses· ogs an 0 er app ances or_measuring e s p s ay, _ leads sind otherdappliancel; for soundmgkphotggraphs, plgioggéraphic instruments an materia print' out t an materia 0,000. OCEAN AND LAKE srizgzgs: H§graphic surveys, {the v_‘}L’°•¤ md *°k•=*¤'· pay of the necessary grap c surveyors carto p c a_ tsmeximancllrecordeig, andy for the purclgase xg p1r·m ofT1;1ax;t1tc1s:l Prom boo c arts an sailmg' tions 105 : r a e 1,,,,,,,- Secretiary of the Navy iis authorized to céetsig sglch navltl o(i@ers not znphic Omtga. gym exce g our as may necessary to e ograp c ce. i Navi:. rnamrxrgorbsryrrou, ghflntgnancei of naw:31 C§$°.‘i‘¤’L°,ZI1‘L'{’;;,d, training` station e aBuena an orn1a: a or an materi · buildings and wharves· general care, repairs, and improvements oi ounds, buildings, and wharves; wharfage, ferriage, and street car gre; purchase and maintenance of live stock, and attendance on same; wagons, carts, implements, and tools,_ and repairs to same, including the maintenancie, reyriair, Sinid o5ers;tioni§f grlie horse-dragm assenger—carryin vehic e to e u o or 0 C1 urposes; re Engines and extiniuishershgymnastic implements, modrels and other articles neeidled indinstruction of apprenticle seamen; outéfit an materi s, an maintenance 0 same; ea mv an iv mg; s a- tionery, books, schoolbooks, and periodicals; fresli water? and washing; packing boxes and materials; and all other contingent expenses; maintenance of dispensary buildinv; lectures and suitable entertainments for apprentice seamen; in all, $70,000. _ Comm Hmm L_ NAVAL rnammo smriox, Rnorm Isramna Mamtenance of naval 1,md,R_;_ trainingl stéagpn, Coastgrs ilarbor llslgpd, Rhlode iiandkgiabor and materi · dings an w arves· r c ann ; ex nd1ng_ sea walls; repairs tc; cause:ivay{)la§g_ sea w eneral care, repa}1rs,_ and im rovements 0 oun s ings, an w arves;w _ age emage and street car fge; purchase and_ maintenance of live stock, attendance on same; wagons, carts, implements, and tools, and repairs to same, including the maintenance, repair, and operation of two horse-drawn passenger-carrikying vehicles to be used only for official pu oses; fire engines an extinguishers; gymnastic nnplements; md/<l)els and other articles needed in instruction of apprentice seamen rinting outnt and materials, and maintenance of same; heating and lighting; stationery, books, schoolbooks, and periodicals; fresh water, and washing; packing boxes and materials; and all other_cont1ngent expenses; lectures an suitable entertainments for apprenticeseamen; mma in all, $85,000; Prmgided, That the sum to be paid out of this appro- Q Caemi, mq Sm. priation under the direcgion of the Secretary} 0 glie for clerical, —°°s· draff , inspection, an messenger service or e year en Juneuthirtieth, nineteen hundred and seventeen, shall not exew $5,701.60. 91890°·—v0r. 39—·—m· 1-—-36