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596 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 417. 1916. mm or Pm;} a also in the event of such emergency, u’P°°?°l°l·ll°§mu'mg` dr·a’If1ii’iiitii}llie naveilledistivlpceliif thellnited States and enroll as members of the said Volunteers as many officers and men of the Naval Mrlrtra as he may think best, and with or without eg:am1nation, as he may decide from among those of the Naval Mihtra who shall not there-

  • "°""°‘· l30fol'6’l1BV6 volunteered and been enrolled in said Volunteers: Pro-

Rmkmd mn vided That no commissioned or warrant officer dfafted or othefwrse ’ shall be com ed to serve in said Vo unteers_ rrr a ower gfrliliuiiirl e than tlihotllwhich he held in the N ayal Mrhtra at the commrssiws. •¤¢·» time of drafted or otherwise enrolled: Prmgzded further, That °°°‘°"‘°°‘ the President ma commission, warrant, or rate m sand Volunteers an person who shall be so enrolled as above. ¤¤b!•°"°N°'Y*“‘"’ That when the National Naval Volunteers are ordered by the M" 'm°mmh°` President into the active service they will, from the date such orders t are issued until such time as they may be discharged from such service, be subject to the laws for the government of the N avy m so far as those laws ma properly be applied to persons not rn the r·e%;:ar permanent navalrservrce. _ _ _ Tm °'°"'“ at all persons so enrolled shall be held to service rn sa1d_Volunteers during the continuance of any such emergency and during the period of any existing or thereafter ensuinglizvar unless sooner A,. Img relieved by order of the President or rmtrl reac g the age of sixty- two years for those in the naval branch and the age o sixty-four years for those in the Marine Corps branch, upon attarmng which ages such persons, respectively, shall be relieved from such enroll- ?rlr¤°ai°1inmrma¤. ment: Provakled, That during the continuance of any such emer- ¤*•*°°'·*°Y °*“- gency or war any enrolled person who shall fail to obev the call to service of the President may be arrested and compelled to serve, and, in addition thereto, may be tried by court-martial as a deserter and unished as such m such manner as said coru·t-martial may hvririgly dimpeu lled te d his ‘ t' to me assure, at any n so enro may n er resrgna ron , or gm request his discharge from, the President, who may, in his discretion, accept such resignation or grant such discharge and disenroll such rson, and any person so enrolled may be disenrolled by the ,?y'h•g}m°d_ Presidifnt for any cause: Promkled, That no person so enrolled shall be held against is will to such enrollment or a longer continuous period than three years, except during the pendency or duration of R•·¤r¤H¤=¤¤r at the emergency or of war hereinabove re erred to. Any person ?,,‘{“},*§°d ’{“"“' Mm enrolled may subsequently, ulpon his own application while so enrolled and if still a member of the aval Militia, be reenrolled in an rank, grade, or rating for which he shall have been found qualifiecl, under v¤¤.ss,p.2e¢. the provisions of section five of an Act entitled "An Act to promote the efficiency of the Naval Militia, and for other purposes," approved February sixteenth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and for which he shall also have been duly commissioned, warranted, enlisted, or rated, as the case may be, in the Naval Militia. fgglgggs Mfgtiygg That eve? person enrolled in said Volunteers shall, from the date amy. of the call o the President, and during the continuance of his active service under said call, stand relieved from all duty as a member of °g“bl°°tY°N'"Yl’“"» the Naval Mrlrtra, and shall, during said riod, have in said Volun- ` teers all the authority and obligations olma person of similar rank, grade, or rate in the United States Navy or Marine Corps, shall be §overned• by the laws and regulations for the government of the Regular payee. avy, and shall, durrng his time of active service, be entitled to the same pay and allowances as are, or may be hereafter, rovided by law for a pcerson of srmrlar rank, grade, or rate in the Uilited States _ V Navy and {anne Corps, respectively. “S§*;g>; (j¤g¤s_Z`·¤'Y _That the_members of the said Volunteers may be ordered to duty with the Navy or separately, and either within or without the territorial limits of the United States, and when so serving shall