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72 SIXTY·FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 117. 1916. M*¤°'”Y °mP'°Y°°S- For minority employees authorized and named in the resolution of December sixth, mneteen hundred and fifteen: Special employee, $1 800· s ecial messe er and assistant air clerk, $1,800; two s ecial 3 7 P ng , ¥ . P messengers, at $1,500 each; special chie page and pair clerk, $1,800; in all $8 400. mfqggjg d°¤i¤¤°'*’d Foi· assistant department messengler authorized and named in the D resolution of December seventh, teen hundred and ninety-seven, $2 000. li‘or special messenger authorized and named in the resolution of January fifteenth, nineteen hundred, $1,500. _ To contmue employment of the ass1stant foreman of the folding room, authorized m the resolution of September thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, at $3.85 pxer day, $1,405.25: _ To contmue employment of the person named m the resolution of églrgl twenty-eighth, nmeteen hundred and fourteen, as a laborer, To continue employment of the laborer authorized and named in ghe resolution of mber nmeteenth, nineteen hundred and one, 840. , ipp¤s,nmm,•e¢. e Successors to any of the ergployees provided for in the six preceding paragraphs may be nam by the House of Representatives at any 1me. gaagmm mano-ay. Conference minority: Clerk, $2,500; assistant clerk, $1,200 ; janitor, °‘ ·°“’· in aH, $4,700;t;he same to be appointed by the chairman of - e co erence mmori . €¤¤¢¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤c¤¤¤ rfc continue the employment of messengprs in the majority and minority caucus rooms, to be appomted by the majority and minority P t M whips, respectively, at $1,200 each; m all, $2,400. _ mgm. ’ as OFFICE QF POSTMASTEE P°Stm”t6i', $4,000; 8SS1St&ut postmaster, $2,200 ·_ registry and money·order clerk, $1,500; messengers———twelve (including one to supermtend transportation of mails) at $1 200 · §acl::ire§hte§n at 3100 per Liponiili elaprl; from December first, nineteen un e an sixeen,to arc f -iirst t h dr . _ seventeen, $7,200; laborer, $720; in all? $30,02l])lnc cm un ed and H°’** *`·“‘* "°¥°“‘·’· For hire of horses and mail wagons for carrying the mails, $2,500, Om _ I or so much thereof as mag be necessary. °“ ’°¥’°’“"- Ormcmr. Rnronrnasz IX official reporters of the proceedi s and debates of the House at $5 000 exch- t ‘ ‘ ng Stmogmphm to in $1, $33,220 ’ ’ = assis mt, $2,500; janitor, $720; · _ _ rzwoemirnrms ro cohrlwrrrmasz Four t h g -

 the W migéies, at $ii?00 eaplhhjgnitor, Sg'20; in a.ll,S$l2r0(:'§2lll) ers 0 com

{0 _, ns erever e wor s uring the sessio " th ‘ ¤i>il$· to mean Us P_¤Iil&i§.T¤Pl(`iS tllgy shall be construed to_miian0t%du`oi; hii’ni·l(i·i;l;(§ii§ eng g een ays rom December fourth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, _ to March thirty-first, nineteen hundred and seventeen both inclusive ,,,‘}°,§§,§g*g§;S¥°m“¤ Dgrmur H1n(p,1%InMn1:as AND l)LneArns: To ipa l each Member; e eigate, an _ esident Commissioner, for cler liire necessarily gmp oyed by hun in the discharge of his official and representative mut;i»ls,t§1,o0? per annum, ID monthly installments, $660,000, or so tg? I gage Cas may be necessary;_and Representatives and Delcga s e e o ongress whose credentials in due form of law have been Ri S. mv 31 P 6 uly filed with the_Clerk of the_House of Representatives, in accord- · · · · apce with_the provisions of section thu·ty-one of the Revised Statutes Prmm o the Llmlted States, shall be entitled to payment under this a P0- T0 N mm (mm gnation. rovgded, That all clerks to Members Delegates and llllesh _,,,,,,,,,,0i.R$_ ent Commissioners shall be placed on the roll of em loyees of the House ang be subject to bercmoved at the will of the gember, Delegate, or csndent Commissioner bv whom they are a ointed. and any Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner priiay appoint