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1298 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ons. 149-152. 1916. V°l· 33v P· 5*5* ing to resurve made in pursuance of the Act of April twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and fogr (Thi£ty-third1Stz§L;tes ap Laiégi, pglgeliiiye h dred and nineteen), eing the same an rans erre 0 e y Pgiik Stock Growing Association, a corporation of the State of Utah, by the State of Colopado by (patentfdated Sepltiember gpcth, eighteen h dred and ninety- our, an filed or record ugust teent ninetdgli hundred and one, in Book Thirty-seven, page eighteen, bne of the land records for Routt County, Colorado, an _ described in said Prem. patent from the State as section thirty-six of sa1d township: Pro- Lands ’°““q“iSh"d· mkled, That the State of Colorado andthe said Lily Park Stock Growing Association, its successors or assigns, if any, shall relinquish to the United States an and all claims to section thirty-six of said township and ranpe as sliown by the survey made in pursuance of said Act of Apri twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and four, which survey was approved August fourteenth, nineteen hundred and seven. Approved, June 15, 1916. June 15, 1916. . [H_ R_ 37%] CHAP. 150.-An Act For the relief of Thomas S. Johnson. lm`"`°°’N°` az'] S iBe it jtnjcted by the Sgnate and Hg'•$:%IE1e£>res of the 'P;¤¤¤¤¤ S-J¤¤¤¤¤¤- tates 0 merica in ongress ass , at e retary o e P ymmt °°° Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorised and directed to piety, out of angrnmoney in the Treasury not otherwise a prolpriated, to omas S. Jo son, of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, late clasp ain One hundred and twenty-seventh Regiment United States Colored Volunteer Infantry, the pay and allowances of a chaplain of Infantry from November fourth tpl December fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, not to excee $200. Approved, June 15, 1916. iga1ii74;i3i$' CHAP. 151.-An Act For the relief of Frances L. Llewellyn. “""'°‘°· N°· 33* Be it enacted Senate and House y Representatives of the United

 States of Amenea in Congress assernble , That the Secretary of the

amy. Ilntaiorgle, ang he is herebg, auktholpzed andddirected (tie alklow Frances ew yn enter un ert e omestea aw an su ject to the i’»61’II1Sé0°€£)Ddlti§l(;HS, tlgmitatipns ofsthe recgamatioré Apt and hActs amen a ry ereo o one, our, ve an six an the sout east quarter of the nortlieast quarter of sectibn fifteen, townshi twenty- Prom one south, rar;/ge one west of the New Mexico princi al meridian, New @,,,3,,,,; ,0 mlnm Mexico, Las ruces, New Mexico, land district: Igmrided, That the ¤¤¤ swim ¤¤¤- entry and patent therefor shall expressly reserve to the United States the right to take for use, without compensation to entryman atentee or her assigns, any or all of the said lands which may bepactually needed for or in connection with the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Rio Grande reclamation project. Approved, June 15, 1916. June 15, 1916. V _ _ [H_ R_ 7·,,04_] _ CHAP. 152.-An Act To authorize the issuance of patent to Oscar R. Howard, and

 for other purposes.

_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re esentatives fthe U `ted 1i)S$iris%iiIgs`ii•ifi'¢¤. States of America in Congress assembled, 'lihlat the Seciietary ofllzhe Interior be, and hereby IS, in consideration of improvements and payments made for and residence upon the land, authorized and directed to issue patent to Oscar R, Howard for lot three, section