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SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 97, 103-105. 1917. 1479 discharged soldiers, S. Spencer Carr, who was a first lieutenant of Company B Eighth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, shall hereafter be held and considered to have been dischaggd honorably from the military service of the United States, as a t lieutenant of said company and regiment, on the eighteenth day of September, eighteen hundred and s1rty-four: Provided, That no bouxitlyél pay, §{,°$g,,,y,,t,,_ or allowances shall be held as accrued prior to the passage of t Act. Approved, February 19, 1917. . aP (;I;lgg.]InAlne.3{;:rtyl¢§uItg1; ¢;8}Sieuetary of the Interior to accept the F¤b¤;grS’8g£j1917· [Private, N0. 194.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re esentatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Tgit the Secretary of the fliiildrdngiylgyyiiuu. Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to accept the "°},‘,‘f,‘j°g‘f‘Q,’§‘;°· application of Richard Daeley to enter lot eight, section thirty-one, ' township one hundred and forty-seven north, of range thirty west of the fifth principal meridian, Cass Lake, Minnesota, land district, containing one an one-third acres, more or less, according to the Government survey thereof, as assignee of Evaline Gallag er, widow of Edward S. Ga agher, and to issue patent thereon to said Richard Daeley upon roof of his compliance with the requirements of the law_and regullzitions issued thereunder relative to making s0ld1ers’ additional homestead entries. Approved, February 20, 1917. CHAP. 104.-An Act For the relief of Thomas Smart. F¤l¤;;¥{¤Q:]i917· Be it enacted tlte Senate and Hmtszif Representatives of the United l¥’rir¤¢¤.N<>- 195-1 States o{ America in Congress assemb , That in the administration ",},‘,,°‘§,“,g';"*,,,i up of any laws conferring rights, privileges, or benefits upon honorably MM- discharged soldiers homas mart, late of Company B, Eight Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, shall hereafter be eld an considered to have been present with is company and regiment from the twenty-seventh day of February, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, to May twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and sixty-four: Provided, That other than as above set forth no pay, bounty, or §;°;';;·m_ other emolument shall accrue by reason of the passage of this Act. ’ Approved, February 20, 1917. g CHAP. 105.-An Act To amend the military record of Iolm P. Fitzgerald, F¤brgiry372;31,]1917. Be it enacted by the Senate and House %hIt“epresentatives of the United lP¤v=¢¤.N¤- 196-1 States of rlmerica in Congress assembled, t the Secretary of War be, {‘§,l},?‘,,§`,,*;‘,*,§°gf},"g’,;F and he is hereb% authorized and directed to amend the military ¤¤°¢¤¢ record of John . Fitzgerald, who enlisted and served under the assumed name of Joshua Porter in Cou1p&11y7K, Seventh Regiment, and Company C, Fust Regiment, Michigan olunteer Cavalry, from March mnth, Eighteen hundred and sixty-five, to March tenth, eighteen hundr and sixty-six, and to issue to him an honorable discharge in his true name of John P. Fitzgerald. Approved, February 20, 1917.