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 Br THE Pnnsmmzr or THE Unrrnn Sums or Ammuca

A PROCLAMATION ,,,,’§2}§§"' N°‘“’ E" A national exposition in commemoration of the achievements of P*’•¤¤b*°· the negro race during the last fifty years will be held in Richmond, ver za,p,ae. Vlrglma, July fifth to twenty-Efth, 1915. The occasion has been recognized as of national importance by Congress through an appropriation of $55,000 to aid in its promotion and consummation. ` Rim is p1xp(e-fgded by tpev terms of tlhlp appropriation unsller tge rection o the vernor o ' `a. e exposition is un er the auspices of the Negro Historical and Industrial Association. The action of Congress m this matter indicates very happily the desire of the nation, as well as of thepeogle of Virginia, to encourage the llgegro ilu l11S_6H01’t»S (tie solvpl hisdm ustrial prlpllglem. The Nalfitirgl egro xposition is esigne to emonstrate ro in the t wave e°i‘°a$3: iii $: fifty years and to emphasize his opportunities. gs gresident of the ‘““°"· United States, I bespeak the active mterest of the nation m the pxplositiorpl and trust tha]; leysery fiacilglty bepxtendegl to the ea ers ose earnest wor ma et eun ertaking possi e. In wilzvness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be ailixed._ _ · Done at the eitylpf Washington this_1st day of July m the year of our rd one thousand mne hundred and fifteen and [smut] of the independence of the United States of America the one hundred and thirty·mnth. W W oonnow ILSON By the President: Rommr Lansmo, Secretary of State.


A PROCLAMATION mom iigudim R°°°r` WHEREAS, since the issuance of Proclamation of September 28 $;‘i";,m;‘mm 1914, which provided for the opening under conditions therein named ' ` of certain lands within the ceded portion of the Crow Indian Reservation, in Montana, not withdrawn imder the Reclamation Act lands within tgp Reservation so withdrawn have been released from `thdr ; WANSWWIIEREAS other lands within the reservation `now withdraivéimiinder the Reclamation Act may hereafter be released from . wit wa ; aqi)a';p¤i€°i¤1e°$i·s¤°?}i»°$i Now therefore, I, WOODROW WILSON, President of the United §,§,’,§_,"§,§"fc'{f"’°’ R"' States of America, by virtue of the power and authority vested m ver. aa,p.:».ei. me by the Act of Congress approved April 27,_ 1904 (33 Stat., 352), dp hlpreby proclaim ailnd tlriat lands which were, at tglehtlime t issuan f t 0 amation, or are now, wi wn iinde: the Reglaariiatioxii gilt, and cwhich have been heretofore or are hereafter releasieglgrom such wgithdgawal, sshlall openepltgo iettlement, entry an it' er the gener rovisions o e omestead, townsite audp1(:h:)inle(i·Izi.l`lDand laws of the Illnited States and the said Act of Congress, and become Sulgect to setplerlpeiit and entry on dates which shall b fixed by the ecretary o the nterior. Pammti Persons who make hoinestead entry for any lands opened hereunder will be r;%uired to pay four dollars per acre there or. One dollar per aere_ all be reglmred at the time of eng The balance may e paid in four equ , annual payments, the t to be paid at the