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SIXTY-FIFTH 00NGREss. sms. 111. cs. se. 1919. 1249 forty-five principals at $2,700 each, ninety first assistants at $2,400 each, ninety second assistants at $2,100 each, ninety third assistants at $1,800 each ninetgofourth assistants at $1,500 each; financial clerk, who shall give nd in such amount as the Secretary of the Interior may determine, $2,250; librarian, who shall be qualified to act as an assistant examiner, $2,000; eight chiefs of divisions, at $2,000 each; three assistant chiefs of divisions, at $1,800 each; private secretary, to be selected and appointed by the commissioner, $1,800· translator of languages $1,800; clerks-nine of class four, nine oi class three, eventeen 0i· class two, one hundred and thirty- five of class one, ninety-one at $1,000 each; three skilled. draftsmen, at_$1,200 each; four draftsmen, at $1,000 each; ninety copyists; thirty copy1sts,_at $720 each; three messengms; thirty-three assistant memenglers; thirteen laborers, at $600 each; forty-Eve examiners’ aids (w o shall be selected without regard to apportionment), at $600 each; twenty-four copy pullers (who shall be selected without regvard to apportionment), at $480 each; in all; $1,41}%,300.- or purc asa of law, rofemionaband other reference boob and B¤·>*=¤·¤*¤; puglicationlsu and scientiiiic pooksi{?2,500. , { . d md C0 I ( H _ or pro cing cop1es—o wee y issue. -0 patents,. mips' , ¥’°“° "°° YW trade-marks; production of copies of drawings and s sm°fpamw'm` of exhausted patents and other papers;.and or ex e of tramsporting publications of patents issued by the Patent galgeeto foreign governments, $135,000. . For investigating the question of public use or sale of inventions mmepuug use or for two years or more prior to hling applications for platents, and *""'“'“*· i such other questions arising in connection with app `cations for patents as may be deemed necessanyby the Commissioner of Patents; and expense atten ense of suits instituted against the Com- Il1iSSi0l18l‘0f'P8$0Ilt6, . w .· ,‘=:»;· · For the share of the United States_in the expense of conducting ,_§,'}_°g{,',;§_‘°°°' B°· the International Bureau at Berne, Switzerland, $750. Bunmu or EDUCATIONZ Commissioner, $5,000; chief clerk, ,,§L“'°°“ °' E"“°°’ $2,000; specialist in higher education, $3,000; editor, $2,000; statistician, $1,800; specialist in charge of land-grant college statistics, $1,800; two trans1ato1s,_ at $1,800 each; collector and compiler of statistics, $2,400; spec1ahsts—-·one in foreign educational sgstems and one in educational systems, at $1,800 each; clerks-- ve of class four, six of class three, seven of class two, nine of class one, thirteen at $1,000 each; two copyists; two skilled laboreis, at $840 gflch; messenger; assistant messenger; messenger boy, $420; in , $82,860. _ For investigation of rural education, industrial education, physical ,,§",’,§];c,{§§,’,,‘f""“‘ education, and school hygiene, including personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, an no salary shall be paid hereunder in excess of $3,500 per annum, $50,000. _ For necessary trav nses of the commissioner and em- T"““““‘°‘l"’°°°*· ployees act' under his tion, including attendance at meetings of educatioiiiil associations, societies, and otherpxtganizations, $7 ,500. For books for library, cmrent educational p6I'10_ cals, other current L“’”"’· publications, and completing valuable sets of periodicals, $500. For investigation of schoo and home gardening in cities and manu- g§°d§§,‘§,,_ md “°“‘° factming towns, including personal services in the District of Colum- P . bia and elsewhere, $25,000: Provided, 'l`hat no person shall be em- myrsmama ployed hereunder at a rate of compensation exceeding $3,500 per 8'DHUHL . . . Special reports. For collecting statistics for special retports and circulars of information, including personal services in e District of Columbia and elsewhere, $3,600. 9 _ For purchase, distribution, and exchange `of educational docu- ,,,§,‘i§f{,",‘;“”‘ °°°“‘ ments, collection, exchange, and cataloguing of educational apparatus 112460°—vo1. 40-yr 1--79