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1306 six*rY-F1rTH ooneiznss. sas. III. 011. 99. 1919. and other supplies, and appliances to be used in their operation, mcluding the purchase of reserve hghts, $50,000. _ _ · S}(Qf§,‘§§,Séd The sum of $409,000 of the unexpended balance of appropriations mh te 199 816 heretofore made for the construction of mming casemates, cable " ’pp' ’ galleries, torpedo storehouses, cable tanks, and other structures, and so forth," for the contmental United States, shall be covered Lam defenses into the Treasury immediately uipon the approval of this Act. _ ' For the construction of land de enses in the United States, mcludmg the prociuement of equipment and materials required therefor, the construction and repair of roads required for military purposes, and H R the procurement and mstallation of searchlights, $60,000. _ v,§,¥‘,§‘,;*§_h,,,‘,§f’k °“" For protection of the shore of the Sandy Hook Reservation, ' $544,000. Sis¤¤1S¤¤i<>¤- UNDER run cmnr SIGNAL ormonn. ‘ ““*°°"“°l ““‘"°““· For operation and maintenance of fire-control installations at seacoast defenses, $150,000. . A““°"‘°“*· ARMAMENT or FORTIFICATIONS. °,,§,‘{‘“‘,,,,,,‘,’{§§;",?§,Q‘f’s°“' For purchase, manufacture, and test of ammunition for seacoast cannon, and for modernizmgprojectiles on hand, mcluding the necessary experiments m cormection therewith, and the machinery neces- _ _ sarpy for its manufacture, $855,442. _ _ _ ,,,,A’¥‘,§,§$§{°“;,,;,‘i§$; or purchase, manufacture, and test of ·8.H1.ID.\1l].lt1OT1, subcaliber 1>¤¤¤•=¤· guns, and other accessories for seacoast artillery practice, including the machmery necessary for their manufacture, $1,000,000. _

 W For alteration and maintenance of seacoast artillery, mclud1ng the

urchase and manufacture of machinery, tools, materials necessary fbr the work, and expenses of civilian mechanics and extra·duty pay of enlisted men engaged thereon, $1,250,000. P'°"*"g g'°‘“"d’· 1·Rov1NG GROUNDS. Cmnt ul For current expenses of the ordnance proving grounds, comprising the maintenance of and water transportation, repairs, alterations, accessories, and service of eméployees incidental to testing and proving ordnance and ordnance mat rie , hire of assistants for the Ordnance Board, purchase of instruments and articles required for testing and experimental work, building and repairing butts and targets, clearing and grading ranges, $400,000. Sub mimi snnuaizmn Mmns. ,,,?*“°“°° *°'· °°""’d h Thefsum of %125,(}00 of the unexpendpd blalance of appropriations; 4¤¢¢·v·2°°- ereto ore ma e " or maintenance o su marine mine materia within the limits of continental United States, and so forth," shall ge covered into the Treasury immediately upon the approval of this ct. tsglnmm md qua" BABRACKS Aim QUARTERS. im mr _ Barracks and quarters; seacoast defenses: For minor structures in connection with the adopted project for seacoast defenses, including the installation therein of plumbing and of heating and lighting zpparatus, to be expended as in the judgment of the Secretary ozf ar may be necessary, $40,000. I¤$¤l¤'P°S$°*$i°¤¤· FORTIFICATIONS IN INSULAR POSSESSIONS. m§u1;§i¤°*’ D°P°“· mxcmnnn nnraxrunxr. mP¤@ ¤¤¤¤· ¤¤v¤¤‘· For protection, preservation, and repair of fortifications, including structures for torpedo defense, for w ich there may be no speci