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128 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 27. 1917. by building and equipping new storehouses or by building and equipping shops for man acturing purposes and equipping as storehouses sho thereby vacated and made available, $2,965,000. lil; laying a new floor on Moline Bridge, $14,000; For replacing roof and gutters of post stables, $2,600; m,,':'gm_°'°“*¥ •'¤· For completing facilities for manufacturing field artillery ammunition at a total cost not exceeding $2,000,000, including necessary buildings, so forth,_$1,500,000; ____ For increasing facilities for storage of sodium mtrate, including necessary buildings, and so_forth, $135,000; ger a central pteam p(oatt;nxg: $&oo,000; or a arage or mo r , ; _ For a slant for the manufactnnie of riile and hand grenades, includ- 1.n§;necess4:§y·_bnildmgs, and so forth, $125,000; or an ~d1i•10DBl amount for nee-making plant, $7,000; _

 The propriations of $250,000 for increasing storage facilities at

"°*· »P·“°~ the Rogk? Island Arsenal and of $225,000 fogdproviding facilities for a reserve supply of sodium nitrate, contain in the general dennien? appropriation act, approved September eighth, nineteen hundred apcdsixtoen, gre made available during the fiscal year nineteen hunan eig teen; ‘ ·For maintenance and operation of power pilant, $12,500; °‘“"°""""’· _I•‘or operating, care, and preservation of ock Island bridges and viaduct; and maintenance and repair of the arsenal street connecting thebridges, s2o,0oo; ,,,·······,,,,,;,,,,,,,1=···-,, ¤ = §‘;,.”.i‘*‘r-i‘.a?,¥r1*%¤°°· J Provmg' ems · · ·· y ew ersey r· : For magazine at proof battery, $6,000; Fonextension of · arracks bmldmg, $25,000; ger one crane, $78,003; {smh 8 omnnreasingra transportation `ties 12 500; Eorglwolcoal ins, $3,500; , , 25,000. “"‘ ‘““'*°· °`°"· San Antonio Arsenal, San Antonio, Texas: _ For lD0!B&Sl11g·f&t.>illt16S for the repair of ordnance materiel, includmgvnecessary buildings, and so fort , $50,000; or a magazine, $30,000; _ For adding two stories to storehouse, $45,000; For a building for storing artillery vehicles and machine-gun trucks $3,000; S"'*“'°°“’ ”‘“‘ 15181300 I al S gfield M h · e rsen prm assac usetts: “°“‘“°° "*"“““"* 'lhe a propriation Bt $5,500 foi· extension of of milling sho V¤¤- 39, ¤· 28*- for the year nineteen lnmdred and seventeen is made availablg

the fiscal gegi g101(1;eteen hundred and eighteen, together with

e er sum 0 , ; For a new_power plant for the hill shops, $90,000; ¥o1£·le];Iag):mg0:0m-out and obsolete machine tools, $100,000; n 1 4,5 . w‘“'“"'“· “““· Wateitown Arsenal, Watertown, Massachusetts: For a locomotive crane, $14,500; For one storehouse and its equipment, $90,000; For a iire engine, $4,000; Slggxéo construction and repair of roads, sidewalks, and so forth, _ for ain oil-sto e equipment for the manufacturm g la 1;, $12 000 · %Zi’§%T° _ The a%progriant·:§>n of $5,000 made in the Act approliredl July iirst; nineteen un_ and sixteen , for a building for housing electric engine and locomotive crane is reappropriated and made available for the construction of a building forlhousing automobile trucks and electric engine, together with the further sum of $1 000- 7 I