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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 27. 1917. 141 support of said homes a like amount shall be deducted from the aid herein provided for, but this proviso shall not apply to any State or Territorial home into which the wives or wi ows of soldiers are admitted and maintained. Back PAY AND noUN·rY. b,,E§€',$_ ""’ ““° For arrears of ay of two and three year volunteers, for bounty to w1»;i.Ym°°° °f Cm] volunteers and their widows and lega heirs for bounty under the `°1‘"**"m Act of July twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, and for ,i§,‘§}"““‘“°i°“ °’ "' amounts for commutation of rations to prisoners of war in States of the so·ca.l1ed Confederacy, and to soldiers on furlough, that may be certiiied to be due by the accountingé omcers of the Treasury during the fiscal year nineteen hundred an eighteen, $25,000. _ For arrears of pay and allowances on account of service of omcers w" with S"“‘“’°°°‘ and men of the Army during the War with Spain and in the Philippine Islands that may be certified to be due by the accounting omcers of the Treas1u·y during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eighteen and that are chargeable to the appropriations that have been carried to the surplus fund, $1,000. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. I°°°'*°'D°P°'““°°*~ mmuo nnnmmcs. P°'>“°"°”•“”¤* Repairs of buildings: For repairs of Interior Department and m¤¤¤Kb¤udii¤(§¤D°pm1· Pension Buildings an of the General Land Omoe Building, occupied by the Interior Degartment, including preservation an repair of steam-heating and eotric·lighting plants and elevators, $30,000 of which sum not exceeding $7,500 may be expended for day labor except for work done by contract. C8 M Capitol Buildings: For work at the Capitol and for general repairs a§aaié,m. thereof, including ilagafxor the east and west fronts 0 the center of V ·”*P· “°’· the Clatpitol and for ate and House Omoe Buildings; flagstaifs, halya s, and tackle· wages of mechanics and laborers; purchase, mamtenance, and driving of moto1·—propelled, passenger-carryin omce vehicle; and not exceeding $100 for the purchase of technicad and necessary reference books and city directorg, $30,000. Nm t For painting and extraordinary repairs of e Capitol Building, i”"°°' including each and every item connected therewith, $38,674.07, to be available immediately. For continuinig the work of cleaning and repairing works of art in w°"" °'“"‘ the Ca&itol, inc udinghreplairs to frames, under the direction of the Joint mmittee on the 'brary, $1,500. · _ Capitol Grounds: For care and improvement of grounds surround- """’°“”“ "°‘”‘°* ing e Capitol, Senate and House Omce Buildings, pay of one clerk, meclhanics, gardeners, fertilizers, repairs to pavements, walks, and roa wa , $30,000. For riiionstruction of the walls, sidewalks, tunnel, and portions of e¤§?°°£F!F1°iii:°u€f the roadways on the east side of the Capitol Grormds, including each "°“”"" and every item connected therewith, $30,287.50, to be available immediately. Re . to mblw For repaus and improvements to steam fire-engine house, Senate ew. PMS ’ and House stables, an repairs to and paving of floors and courtyards of same, including personal services, $1,500; this and the Eve fore· $‘,,‘{f’g"§,‘f"m_ going sums may, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, e expended for purchases of articles without re erence to section four of the Act approved June seventeenth, nineteen hundred and ten, concerning purchases for executive departments.