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sixrY-F1F·rH coxonnss. sm. 1. Ch. 27. 1917. 151 the supervision and direction of the Commissioner of Education and in conformity with such conditions, rules, and regulations as to conduct and methods of instruction and of money as may from time to time be recommended by him and approved by the Secretary of the Interior. Medical relief in Alaska: To enable the Secretary of the Interior, mg{;·})*gL,*;*;<;;¤¤*¤¤ in his discretion and under his direction, with the advice and coop- ` eration of the Public Health Service, to provide for the medical and sanitary relief of the Eskimos, Aleuts, Indians, and other natives of Alaska; erection, purchase, repair, rental, and equipment of hospital buildings; books and surgical apparatus; pay and necessary traveling expenses of plhysicians, nurses, and other employees and all other necessary misce aneous expenses which are not included under the above special heads, $62,500. Patients who are not indigent may be admitted to the hospitals u;·1QSf¤i¤Si°¤¤fv¤YP¤· for care and treatment on the playment of such reasonable charges ' therefor as the Secretar_§_of the terior shall prescribe. Reindeer for Alaska: or support of reindeer stations in Alaska and R¤i¤d°°*· instruction of Alaskan natives m the care and management of reindepg, $5,000. f ka F th A d Pmmi { rotection o ame in : or carrying out_ e ct a rove °¤° gem- May eleventh, niineteen hundred and eight, entitled "Au Actijijor the V°l`35'p'm` protection of game in Alaska, and for other purploses/’ including salaries, traveling expenses of (game wardens, and a other necessary eiqxelnsis, $20,000, to be expen ed under the direction of the governor o as a. Traffic in intoxicating liquors: For suppression of the traffic in “§ggP'¤¤¤*¤B “¤¤°* intoxicatinguliquors amo the natives o• Alaska, to be expended V¤1.`=», p. ma. under the ection of theiliecretary of the Interior, $15,000. NATIONAL ranks. Num Wh- National Park Service: Director, $4,500 · assistant director, $2,500; p£¥‘§':,°,?i,,‘{,{,§,‘§}‘°“" chief clerk, $2,000; draftsman, $1,800; clerks—one of class three, two of class two, two at $900 each; messenger, $600; in all, for park service in the District of Columbia, $17,600. _ Yellowstone National Park: For administration and protection, Y°"°”*°“°· including not exceeding $600 for maintenance and re air of horsedrawn and motor-driven passenger-c ing vehicles fiir use of the superintendent in making inspectionsai-wltythe park, $5,500: Provided, §{,°';‘;';,·,0,d,,ms 0, That no part of this appropriation or the revenues of the Yellowstone ¤r¤9v¤. National Park shall be used for payment of salaries for the protection l °l'”'°‘°2°‘ of the park, authorized by the ct of March third, eighteen hundred and eight-three, to befperformed by the detail of troops. For procuring feed or buffalo, salaries of buffalo keelpers, seeding C“° °*"“““°· and fencing new meadowlands, irrigation, and so fort , $5,000, to be available immediately. Glacier National Park, Montana: For administration and improve- G'“"i°'· ment, construction of roads, trails, bridges, and telephone lines and the repair thereof, includin necessary repairs to the roads from Glacier Park Station thro viii the Blackfeet Indian Reservation to various pomts in the bouiidarg line of the Glacier National Park, mcluding $1,970 for the pure ase and the maintenance of horsedrawn and motor-driven passenger—carrying vehicles for the use of glgigsigpgrvisor and employees in connection with general park work, The Secretary of the Interior is authorized, in his discretion, to ¤.$,s°`i°"°°°°° °m°°°` accept bmldings, moneys, or other property which ma be useful in the _ etterment of the administration and affairs of the Glacier l\ational Park under his supervision, and which may be donated for park purposes.