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424 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 106. 1917. written order, be paid, conveyed, transferred, assigned, or delivered to_ the Treasurer of the Unite States with the same effect as 1f to the Cm I alien property custodian. _ m_Ia§1§,u{°.§w,°,l‘{’§°1§'g AHS? t c end of the war any clarm of any enemdy or of a.n all$of Sm sd by €<>¤&¤¤¤¤· enemy to any money or other property received an held by the en _ roperty custodian or deposited rn the United States Treasury, shall P'°"""·"· be settled as Congress shall direct: Prcmkled however, That on order ¢h§aPryl§i11;r3?<i¥`gll1?; of the President as set forth in section niueihereof, or of the court, mwst¢,pp.419,4%1. as diet forthhinrgections ninie a1r1dI§en lherézof, the align property cpsto `an or the reasurer o the United States as the case may e shall forthwith convey, transfer, assign, and pay,to the person to whorri the President shall so order, or 111 whose behalf the court shall enter lfin$ iudgnzlent or (iliecreabany pgoqperty of an qnemy or allly of enemy e ysa.1 custo an or ysar reasurer so ar_as ma _ enecessary - _ to comply with said order of the President or said finaljudgment or ,e§°§“I,,{’”,§.Ff,f§,],{°°“‘ decree o the court: Andfprwidqd further, That the _Treasurer of the United States, on order 0 the ahen property custodian, shall, as pro- Antc p. 42). . . . . ' vided anlsectron ten hereof, repay to the licensee any funds deposited . . H by said icensee. etgmpping tS’ Sec. 13. That, during the present war, in addition to the facts 42§,;$,,;f’€,(§‘§,;§,§°({**"’*· by (pections forltyonedhrgridred am; niréeiéyiseyerzi, fciptyprgg _ ·4¤¢¢·P- 221 rm re an ninety-eig t an ort —two un r o the evrs Staltutes, as amendlpd by the Act lpf Jyune fifteenghéhriinegsen hundreg _ _ an seventeen to e set out in the master s an `pp_ s m es s,g}§,i,‘],‘§‘,,‘§§,,’“',S " °"‘ before clearance will be issued to vessels bound to forergn ports, the o no illegal , ¤¤g>¤¤¤¤*¤- master or person m chagge of ani vessel, before departure of such Y vessel from port, shall d ver to the collector of customs of the distiict vsilherein such vessefll is leqpatedo a lsta(tie1lpent;;1iuly verirnted byfogail; tattecargoisnots`pp or e ever mvroaono Byshipper- Act, and the owners shippers or consi ors of the cargo of such vessels shall in like inanner deliver to tl; collector like statement under oath as to the cargo or the parts thereof laden or shipped by DBMS- them, respectively, whic statement shall contain also the names and addressdes of tlie agtual clpnsilgneles oi; the cargo, or 1f lthe shipmentis ma e to a an or other ro er actor, or a ent, the names C0 t I and addresses of the persons who are the actual consggnees on whose mafig p°L,{’}°°S" °” account the shipment is made. The master or person rn control of the vessel shall, on reaching {port of destination of any of the cargo, dleliver a copy of the mani est and ofhthe said master’si ownf§r’s, s 'pper’s or consi or’s statement to the merrcan consu ar officer __ of the district in which the cargo is unladen. _

as 5%:2 Fmzsuésr PastryWttrm‘P:r:1Sr°t°¤*2’°

" · cause eieve a e man1 es or e a rona s a emen sun er oath required by the preceding section are false or that any vessel, domestic or foreign, is about to carry out of the United States any property to or for the account or benent of an enemy, or ally of °““£""21‘f’b“”·" ‘“*°l’§&2" °?ii‘$"iiIZh§§§a‘i’Esp¥€I’i 2‘}1`§l§J.I`}'Z;.°ZhY’2i’r§` por V w e rn v1o n o _ _ _ - trict in which such vessel is ldcated IIS hereby authorized and empowered, subject to review by_the President to refuse clearance to any such vegsgl, flomestic or forergxg for which clearance rs. required by aw, an y orma notice serve upon the owners, mas er, or person or persons in command or charge of any domestic vessel for which clearance rs not required by law, to forbid the departure of such vesselgrom the port, and it s all thereupon be unlawful for such vessel F _ to epart. _ _ €,g?§§‘b€,§‘§{,l,,‘Z,{,Y°‘“* The collector of customs shall, during the present war, rn each case . r . . . . D=‘m='5· report to the President the amount of gold or silver com or bullion or other moneys of the United States contained in any cargo intended for export. Such report shall include the names and addresses of the consignors and consignees, together with any facts known to the col-