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430 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 3-6. 1917. L°“l"“°i“‘ LEGISLATIVE. 8¤¤=·°°· _ SENATE. "m°°"°‘ For mile e of Senators, $51,000. $8 House ot Representames. HOUSE or REPRESENTATIVES. m1°°‘°' For mileage of Representatives and Delegates and expenses of Resident Commissioners, $175,000. . Approved, December 15, 1917. D{§?l?1£r¤l8f9i%?i7' GH’.A.P. 4.-—J'oint Resolution Authorizing the t of salaries of officers and

 employees of Congress for December, nineteen hun and seventeen.

C hm um Resolved by the Senate and House olf Reglesentatives of the United amlnglzfxto be paid States of America in Congress assembled, at the Secretary of the §;’°°'},"§;, §},§,,,’,§,.._"} Senate and the Clerk of the House of Representatives are authorized m¤¤¢f<¤1=¤1id¤yr¤¤¤¤=» and instructed to pay the officers and erréployees of the Senate and House of Re resentatives, including the apitol pohee, their respec- . . P . » five salaries for the mpngh of Decemperg mneteen hundre;d ?1d seventeen on the day o a journment o the present session or e m(b<iii$1;Bxii¤?¢gii‘°mb¤B holiday recess; and the Clerk of the House is authorized to pay on the saaxlpe day tp Memlfieilz} lgeleggtes, and Rgidprg Ooingznissionem their owance or c er e or the said mon 0 ecem er. — Approved, December 18, 1917. D°?§’?¥¤°Y£%£§"7‘ cnlar. is.-Aa act To masse me number of midshipmen at the Umm states [Public,N0.93.] Nav A°“d°mY· N I mmm Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the·United ‘ ailiieipse o1yinid· States { America in Uorgress assembled, That hereafter there shall be "",§’_“§ff"j§,§$aS,§j’,;, p_ allowe at the United tates Naval Academy five midshipmen for 26% luggmw- 9 me each Senator, Representative, and Delegate in Congress, one for utf' ’ pp` ’ Porto Rico, two for the District of Colum ia, fifteen appointed each year at large, and one hundred appointed annually from enlisted men mwmsmt hm ,,_,_ of the Navy, as now authorized y law. _ peeled. SEo. 2. hat all Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent with the pro~ visions of this Act are hereby repealed. ` Approved, December 20, 1917. De°elgi*2;;ilm;_ 6.-An Act To authorize absence by homestead settlers and entrymen, [Public, N0, 3D for ot GY pll!'p0S6S. _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United }}{§’§§f;‘{’;·a ,, B , S States of Amerika in Congress assembled, That during the lpendency of f\ll<>**;‘·il*`¥=>*i$ gfabsepce the existing war any homestead settler or entryman shal be entitled {L?{,.,,;{"” “M B `°' to a leave of absence from his land for the purpose of performing farm labor, and such absence, while actually engaied in farm labor, shall, u on com liance with the terms of this Act, e counted as construc- P . P . . . Ijr¤¤·i··¤%€I 1 _ five residence: Provided, That each settler or entryman within fifteen C,,;·§‘,§f}°° °”° wm: days after leaving his claim for the purpose hereindprovided shall file notice thereof in the United States Land Office, an _ at_the expiration of the calendar year file in said land office of the district wherein his claim is situated_a_written statement, under oath and corroborated by two witnesses, giving the date or dates when he left his claim, date or