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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 28. 1918. 479 for use for hospital purposes in the District of Columbia. and elsewhere, inclu necessary temporary uarters for hospital personnel, outbuil , heating and laundry apparatus, plumbmg water and sewers, electric work, cooking apparatus, and roads and walks for the same, $19,654,300. Shooting galleries. and ranges: For shelter, shooting galleries, ,,,§}gg;’f‘¤g¥°'*°'i°S°¤d ran es for small-arms target dpractice, machine-gum practice, fieldartiflery practice, repairs, an expenses incident thereto, including flour or paste for marking targets, hire of employees, such ranges and galleries to be open as far as practicable to the National Guard and organized rifle clubs under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of War, $984,000. Military post exchanges: For continuing the construction, equip- 1’°“°°""‘°°g°S· ment, and maintenance of suitable buildings at military posts and stations for the conduct of the post exchange, school, li rary, reading lunch, amusement moms, and gymnasium, including repairs to buildingii erected at private cost, m the operation of the Act Rmerutsturiamgs. approved ay thirty-first nineteen hundred and two, for the v°l'32"*m‘ rental of films, pruehase of slides, supplies for and making repairs to moving-picture outfits, and_ for similar and other recreational purposes at training and mobilization camps now established or which may be esta lished hereafter, to be expended in the discretion and under the direction of the Secretary of War, $550,000: Pmmkied, That not more than $25,000 of this apprqslriation may be ,,,,,,,,8 ,,,_ expended for personal services and no person sh be employed =**i·=¤¤¤- hereimder at a rate of compensation exceeding $1,800 per annum. The appropriations made herein for "Regular supplies, Quarter- t,§,‘§,°“l,2§“u¤{,§§'°§§ 8P P master or·ps," "Barracks and quarters," "Water and sewers at D¤¤¤¤¤¤r3r 1918- military posts, " "Roads, walks, wharves, and drainage, " "Construction and repair of hospitals, " “Shooting galleries and ranges, " "Barracks and alquarters, seacoast defenses, " and “Military Est exchanges" sh continue available imtil December thirty- t, nineteen hundred and eighteen. Loss of mm ro Claims of officers and enlisted men for los of private pro erty encyrumliiet. P p` destroyed in the military service: Property belonging to officers, m}§‘,§‘,,’;,“,{§’,g‘§$g*d‘;°,,§{; enlisted men, and members of the Nurse Co s (female) of the fagm Bm Army, which they are required by law or regvilhtions to own and `°' ` use in field service in the performance of their duties, which since the fifth day of April, nineteen hundred and seventeen, has been, or shall hereafter be, ost, damaged, or destroyed in the military service, shall be replaced, or the damage thereto, or its value, recouped to the owner as hereinafter provided, when such loss, damage, or °°"‘““°'“· destruction has occurr·ed or shall hereafter occur without fault or negligence on the part of the owner in any of the following circumstances: First. When such private prolperty so lost or destroyed was ,,§",'§.§,l,"},°;‘*$,,;’,'},,,‘,§’_g_‘ shipped on board an imseawort y vessel by order of an officer ¤¢¤¤v¤¤ ¤r·=¤¤¤¤>n¤=¤- authorized to give such order or direct such shipment, or destroyed by the enemy or by shipwreck. Second. When it appears that such private property was so ,,§§,§;‘;},°,,§,§‘,§"‘ lost or destroyed in consequence of its owner aving given his attention to the saving of property belorfing to the United States which was in danger at the same time an in similar circumstances. Third. When such private property is destroyed or captured by ,,,{§,‘l‘§'°’°d by °°' the enemy, or is destroyed to prevent its falling into the hands of the enemfy, or is abandoned by reason of military emergency requiring its aban onment. i ti of The Secretary of War- is authorized and directed to examine into, v.]i§,fZ{c°l° °° °° ascertain, and determine the value of such property lost, destroyed, captured, or abandoned as specified in the foregoing paragraplm,