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704 SIXTY-F IF TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 113, 114. 1918. N°FP'°m*°b°°°" tation, and overnment of the canal and Canal Zone; and any net mdmwm Tmwm" profits accritiing from such business to the Panama Canal shall _ annuall be covered into the 'I`reasu of the United States. wg.§§§f§€,§lfg;0,`§§,fa‘§§g In acfrdition there is appropriatedlfbr the operation, maintenance, ¤¤dC°1*’¤- and extension of waterworks, sewers, and pavements in the cities of Panama and Colon, during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and nineteen, the necessary portions of suc sums as shall be paid as water rentals or directly by the Government of Panama for such Sums for salaries to Gxgensesh . . . bemmii. E0. 2. That all sums a pro riated by this Act for salaries of officers and employees of tihe (government shall be in full for such salaries for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and nineteen, and all laws or parts of laws to the extent they are in conflict with the provisions of this Act are repealed. Approved, July 1, 1918. July 1, 1918. ’ [H· R-10%] CHAP. 114.-An Act Making appropriations for the naval service for the fiscal

 year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and nineteen, and for other purposes.

__ _ Be it enacted by the Senate ami House of Representatives of the United p,;3?§,¥§j°"‘°° °pp'°' States of America in Oemgress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereb , appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the naval service of the Government for the year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and nineteen, and for- other purposes: GENERAL EXPENSES. 5,f§°‘;*2§,;{§;pf,§€;"}OP’{,>g The Secretary of the Navy shall send to Congress at the beginning seuttcccugwss. of its next regular session a complete schedule or list showing the amount of mone of all pay and fldr all allowances for each grade of officers in the Nyavy, includin retired officers, and for all officers included in this Act and for elf enlisted men so included.

  • ’“Yim“°°"**¤°°“S· rar, msonunnnous.

E’*P°“’”d°S*€°“‘°d· For commissions and interest; transportation of funds; exchange; mileage to officers while traveling under orders in the United States and for actual personal expenses of officers while traveling abroad under orders, and for traveling expenses of civilian employees, and for actual and necessary traveling expenses of midshrpmen while proceeding from their homes to the Naval Academy for examination and appointment as mrdshxpmen; for actual traveling expenses of female muses; actual expenses of officers while on shore patrol duty; mileage to officers of the Naval Reserve Force traveling under orders of the Secretary of the Navy; hire of launches or other small boats in Asiatic waters; for rent of buildings and offices not in navy yards, including the rental of offices in the District of Columbia; ex enses of courts-martial, prisoners and prisons, and cour·ts of inquiry, liioards of inspection, examining boards, with clerks, and witnesses’ fees, and traveling expenses and costs; expenses of naval defense districts; stationery and recording; religious books; newspapers and periodicals for the naval service; all advertising for the Navy Department and its bureaus (except advertising for recruits for the Bureau of Navigation); copying; ferriage; tolls; costs of suits; commissions, warrants, diplomas, and discharges; relief of vessels in distress; recovery of valuables from shipwrecks ; quarantine expenses; reports; Inmmip f professional investigation; cost of special instruction at home and ,,,,,0,d,,,}gf°“ 'Om abroad, including maintenance of students and attaches; information from abroad and at home, and the collection and classification