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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 114. 1918. 727 Total public works, $46,694,375, and the amounts herein a ro- Am°'m°° °”“°’°l° priated therefor, except for repairs and preservation at navy u°m° I ` and stations, shall be available until ezppended. _ The unexpended balance of $4,300 0 the appropriation of $10,000 y,£§{§§’§?‘°" °“ """ for expenses of a commission of naval officers to investigate the mBg*n¤g:d§*°¤·¤•¤¤ question of navy yards and naval stations contained in the Act A ` making applropnations for the Naval Service, approved August ”"’p' BTL twenty-nint , nineteen hundred and sixteen, is further continued and made available until expended. The Paymaster General of the Nayhy shall cause to be paid to $Z"',,Z,§,;,v°{‘,f{*'}‘;, Mrs. Susie A. Van Kirk, mother of e late Dean R. Van Kirk, d°°*¤°*¤°¤- ensign, National Naval Volunteers, an amount egoal to one ear’s ay at the rate received by that officer at the te of his death, . giay first, nineteen hundred and seventeen. . ntmaav or mvmrcmm AND svnenmr. ,,£“§°,,§§,,‘§ Mmm Mirmcar. Dmmnmmnrz For surgeons’ neoessaries for vessels in ,,§‘§§F°°"“' “°°"` commission, navy yards, naval stations Marine Corps, and for the °*'“•°**b“¤'*¤•¤*— civil establishment at the several naval hospitals, navy yards, naval medical sutpply depots, Naval Medical School, Washington, and Naval Aca emy, including one bookkeeper at $1,600 and one clerk at $1,400 at the naval medical supply depot, Brooklyn, and toward R°°°"°“"”"‘ the accumulation of a reserve supp y of medical stores, $5,000 000. _ Commsmur, Bmzmu 0F_MEDIG1N'.l Amp Smzemzr: For tolls and °°"°"""°‘ ferriages; care, transportation, and burial of the dead, mcluding officers and enlisted men who die within_the United States; purchase of books and stationery, binding of medical records, unbound books, and pamphlets· hygienic and sanitary mvestigation and illustration; V sanitary and instruction; purchase and repaus of non- °m°'°"°°°i passenger-carrying wagons, automobile ambulances, and harness; purchase of and sed or horses and cows; purchase, maintenance, repair, and operation of two passenger-carrying motor vehicles for naval dispensary, Washington, District of Co umbia_ and of one motor—propelled yehicle for official use only for the medical officer on out—patient medical service at the Naval Academy, and of a motor ommbus for the transportation of convalescent patients and attendants at the Naval Hospital at Las Animas, Colorado, to be used only for official {purposes; trees, plants, care of liroundsgzarden tools, an seeds; inci ental artncles for the Naval edical hool and naval dis nsary, Washington, naval medical supply deipots, sick quarters at Naval Acadenlty and marine barracks; washing or medical department at Naval edical School_ and naval dispensaiy, Washington naval medical sup ly depots, sick quarters at Nav Academy and marine barracks, dlispensaries at nawgnyards and naval stations, and ships; and for minor re airs on buil gs grounds of the United States Naval Medical $11001 and nava ·med1oal supply depots; rent of rooms for naval dispensary, Washington, District of Columbia not to exceed $1,200; for the care, maintenance, and treatment oi the insane of the Navy and Manne Corps on the Pacific coast, including supernumeraries held for transfer to the Government Hospital for the Insane; for dental outfits angudgntéagomaterial, and all other D•¤°¤*°¤*¤°¤· necessary conf ent e nses; in , 1, ,000. Taargsroaraggx orxlizenuams: To enable the Secretary of the ,, '°”“i“ Navy, in his discretion, to cause to be transferred to their homes the remains of officers and enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Corps of members of the Nurse Corps, of civilian officers and crews of naval mm Wmln auxiliaries, and of officers and enlisted men of the Naval and and aeséw rom. National Naval _Volunteers and the Naval Reserve Force when on active service with the Navy, who die or are killed in action ashore or afloat, and also to enable the Secretary of the Navy, in his dis-