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May 18, 1917
[H. R. 3545.]

[Public, No. 12.]
Chap. 15.—An Act To authorize the President to increase temporarily the Military Establishment of the United States.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Army emergency increase.That in view of the existing emergency, which demands the raising of troops in addition to those now available, the President be, and he is hereby, authorized—

First. Maximum strength to be immediately raised, etc.
Vol. 39, p. 182.
Immediately to raise, organize, officer, and equip all or such number of increments of the Regular Army provided by the national defense Act approved June third, nineteen hundred and sixteen, or such parts thereof as he may deem necessary; to raise all organizations of the Regular Army, including those added by such increments, to the maximum enlisted strength authorized by law. Temporary appointments to fill Army vacancies created thereby.Vacancies in the Regular Army created or caused by the addition of increments as herein authorized which can not be filled by promotion may be filled by temporary appointment for the period of the emergency or until replaced by permanent appointments or by Provisional appointments.
Vol. 39, p. 181.
provisional appointments made under the provisions of section twenty-three of the national defense Act, approved June third, nineteen hundred and sixteen, and hereafter provisional appointments under said section may be Termination of.terminated whenever it is determined, in the manner prescribed by the President, that the officer has not the suitability and fitness requisite for permanent appointment.

Second. National Guard and Reserve, drafted into service.
Vol. 39, p. 211.
To draft into the military service of the United States, organize, and officer, in accordance with the provisions of section one hundred and eleven of said national defense Act, so far as the provisions of said section may be applicable and not inconsistent with with the terms of this Act, any or all members of the National Guard and of the National Guard Reserves, Term of service.and said members so drafted into the military service of the United States shall serve therein for the period of the existing emergency unless sooner discharged: Proviso.
State designations retained.
Provided, That when so drafted the organizations or units of the National Guard shall, so far is practicable, retain the State designations of their respective organizations.

Third. Additional 500,000 enlisted men to be raised by draft.
Post, p. 894.
To raise by draft as herein provided, organize and equip an additional force of five hundred thousand enlisted men, or such part or parts thereof as he may at any time deem necessary, Selection of officers.and to provide the necessary officers, line and staff, for said force and for organizations of the other forces hereby authorized, or by combining organizations of said other forces, by ordering members of the Officers Reserve Corps to temporary duty in accordance with the provisions of Vol. 39, p. 190.section thirty-eight of the national defense Act approved June third, nineteen hundred and sixteen; Appointments, appointment from the Regular Army, the Officers’ Reserve Corps, Vol. 32, p. 770.from those duly qualified and registered pursuant to section twenty-three of the Act of Congress approved January twenty-first, nineteen hundred and three (Thirty-second Statutes at Large, page seven hundred and seventy-five), from the members of the National Guard drafted into the service of the United States, from those who have been graduated from educational institutions at which militarily instruction is compulsory, or from those who have had honorable service in the Regular Army, the National Guard, or in the volunteer forces, or from the country at large; by assigning retired officers of the Regular Army to active duty with such forces with their rank on the retired list and the full pay and allowances of their grade; or by the appointment of retired officers and enlisted men, active or retired, of the Regular Army as commissioned officers in such forces: Provisos.
To correspond with Army.
Changes of typical organizations authorized.
Provided, That the organization of said force shall be the same as that of the corresponding organizations of the Regular Army: Provided further, That the President is authorized to increase or decrease the number of organizations prescribed for the typical brigades, divisions, or army corps of the Regular Army, and to prescribe such new and different