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SIXTY-FIFTH coxonnss. sm. III. Ch. 126. 1919. 1541 Act of February nineteenth, nineteen hundred and nine (Thirty-fifth VoI.35,p.639. Statutes at Large, page six hundred and thirty-nine). Homestead ent , Sundance, Wyoming, numbered naught twelve H°S*°*W·K°“Y- thousand six hunzed and forty-ve, made by Hester W. Kelly, on July third, nineteen hundred and sixteen, for the east half of the southwest quarter, southeast quarter, and southwest quarter of the northeast quarter, section thirty-three, and the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter, section thirty-four, township forty-five north, range sevent west, sixth principal meridian. I lm J h WH Additionaly homestead entry, Gregory, South Dakota, numbered u,,,§s_ °“p ' naught nine thousand six hundred and fifty-nine, made by John Joseph Williams on May tenth, nineteen hun red and sixteen, under V I _ 639 section three of the Act of February nineteenth,nineteen hundred and ° ‘ 3°’ p' ‘ nine (Thirtv-fifth Statutes at La e, page six hundred and thirty- nine), for the east half of the souiigeast quarter and the east half of the northeast uarter, section fourteen, township thirty-five north, range thirty-eight west, sixth principal meridian. Additional homestead entry, Guthrie, Oklahoma, numbered naugéirt $*-****1 E· '*`°Y'°’- ten thousand eight hundred and eighty-one, made by Sarah . Taylor on September twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and sixteen under section six of the Act of March second, eighteen hundred and V°L 25· P- 8-**- eight -nine (Twenty-fifth Statutes at Largp, page eight hundred and fiftyiibur), for the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter, sectiondtyventy, township twelve north, range twenty-six west, Indian mem an. Desert-land entry, Denver, Colorado, numbered naught sixteen 1****** N- 3****- thousand four hundred and twenty-nine made by John N. Baker on January twenttly—1‘ifth, nineteen hundred and twelve, for the southeast quarter sou east quarter, section thirty and west half southwest quarter section twenty-nine, township eight north, range eighty- one west, sixth princgpal meridian. Homestead entry 0 Frank D. Ovesen, numbered naught thirty-one F'°m‘ D' °"m‘ thousand nine hundred and twelve, made March first, nineteen hundred and sixteen, for the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter, section nine, and the west half of the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter, section four, township thirty- four north, range nineteen east, Montana meridian. Pom Andmm Homestead entry, Bismarck North Dakota, numbered naught ` nineteen thousand five hundred and seventy~seven, made by Peter Andersen on October thirteenth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, for the west half, section twenty-four, township one hundred and twenty- nine north, range eighty-one west, fifth princi al meridian. LM, G_ Gam Homestead entry numbered naught eleven tiiousand three hundred and ninety-five, made by Lizzie G. Garin for the west half of southeast quarter, section three, west half of northeast quarter, section ten, township thirtyfrive north, range three east, Montana principal II1€l'lCl1ixI1. Homming applic,. S¤c._4. That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, "°°“““‘°“‘°d- authorized to allow the following applications to make entry: Mba O B Homestead application, Phoenix, Arizona, numbered naught rt r°w°' thirty-three thousand three hundred and twenty-eight, filed by Albert O. Brown, for the southeast quarter section seventeen, township one south, range two east, Gila and Salt River meridian, subject to the reclamation law, and to allow said entryman, in complying with the requirements of the homestead laws, credit for his residence upon and cultivation of said land prior to the date of this Act. mm B Sa ,,s_ Desert-land application, Phoenix, Arizona, numbered naught ye twenty-seven thousand two hundred and twenty-one, filed by James B. Sayeis for lots four, six, and seven, section twenty-one, and lots one and two section twenty-eight, township fourteen south, range fifteen east, Gila and Salt River meridian.