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1554 s1X·rY.F11vTH CONGRESS. Sm. III. GH. 129. 1919. pay him a pension at the rate of $12 per month in lieu of that he is ‘ (msi _ HOW 1‘6061V1I\g. §°l“’(;*‘1isW·°°‘*"°¤· The name of Mellissa W. Coulson, widow of Charles A. Coulson, late of Company H, Twenty-first Regiment Missouri Volunteer Eu Pi Infantry, and pag her a pension at the rate of $25 per month. °° °'°°‘ The name o llen Pierce, former widow of William Pierce, late of · Company B, Seventeenth Regiment West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Rum C_ wmbm and pay her afiension at the rate of $25 per month. _ The narne_o Rufus C. Williams, henprless and dependent child of Joseph _W1ll1ams, late of Comgany , Twenty-fourth Regiment gnigsgznamlgnbiuliiteer Infantry, an pay him a pension at the rate of izigiidliswer. The name of Jerel Carver, late of Company C, Seventh Regiment Iowaégfplulnmergnfhgnnly, and pay him_a pension at the rate of $40 per mon eu o e IS now receiving. I` WNMEM ‘ The name of J. Wallace Ellis, late of Company C, Sixteenth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate mhsw w_ Sm of r1$§0 Sgt mont? m liepvogghat hi is no; H E1 h ar. e me o er . oema er, a o m , t Regiment Iowa %iSI1I1l3B01' Infantry, and pay himpgngension iixllamthe mm Moon rate of $50 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving. _ The name of James McCoy, late of Com any A, Sixty-fourth Regiment Oh1o VOIUDQGBI. Infantry, and_ pay him a pension at the Mm E_ Lam rate of $50 per month in l1eu of that he 18 now rece1 . The name of Mary E. Iaape, widow of William Lape, late of Com. pany G, Twenty-first Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infant and a her prmm ‘ ‘ ry' R Y mmm]0 mw on a pepion at the rate of $$7 Spr month m lieu of that she is now dam emma receiving: Promded, That in e_ event of the_death of Margaret E. P _ t bm Itgapgilgapless alnd dependetntlcgiglduof said Vigllfiam Lape, tge addi- ¤¤i·¤¤;1 9 ¤ on on ension erem gran a ce termm' : rided mm I mm" further, That in the event of the death iiI6Meanry E?Lape, the nfaonhe of said Margaret E. Lape shall be placed on the lpension roll, ubj act to the provisions and limitations o the pension laws, at the rate of $12 §.:§;,2`,,_m _ pernjnionth frorn tge date gfldoiaath of gaild Mary E. Lape. · ‘ °"'°‘ ° n“~m",° 0 · WU 1 d t h`ld f 'Ihomas Dewire, late of Comgan; C, lhheclisunadlred giidniiigrti Rggimeiit Ppnngygvama Knlunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the rate n I o er mon . — ?§°?¤lmu. The name of Per? Harrell, late of Company Q, Fortieth Regiment {.2?‘r2’32·li.°iL"?i2€.°Ef€£Z'€1‘?'* md W **‘“¥‘ “ *’°““°" “° “h° ‘°“" °* “’° _ e IS now r c wing. },°,F§f,‘,°,',§;,,,, w,,,_,,_ The name of Wilhelmine Watersgraeilt, former widow of Charles L. ¤¢=¤¤¤· Keller, late of Company G, Thirty-fifth Regiment Wisconsin Volun- ¤~»»¤· M- mezfilfextarihleyhgrlllogglie fi" °1*’}’“S‘°“ ”§$£1"° '°?’e‘ii ”i5 "°" {>"‘L'}“" _ oe , ormer ow o ar E. , late of Company K, First Regiment Pennsylvania Re(;rve Ixiifaglsgfl, gspsgngs ,,,m,m,d_ anlelllpay her a pension at the rate of $25(per month. ·H¤¤>¤w¤y. actin; xsnisipnggrah E. Htnthtzgvgsgréanei plw of John F. Hathaway, late eon, m , ‘ mmm Dum at the rate of r month in lieu ofsthzi.?gl1e&iIsdngiivyr]£ei·i:li§§i1S1On The name of iam Ducy, late of Company A, Fifty-fourth Regi. ment Oh1o Volunteer Infan and a him ` Emi Sm $5g_Eer month in lieu of thai:-he is nogv ¥eceiv`a Iicnsmn at the mtg of l _ 6 ¤¤{¤6 of Emri Sites, late of Com any Cu?orty-fourth Regiment Indiana V olunteer Infant , and pa a hnsion at th r f rg , Y _ _ P e ate 0 $50 sem 1. Kenai:. P6}i_§;0:§lI;1;¤£;6§1 ii lglf-Mg 6_1S now: recizivmg. _ _ e . urm, , _ nmth Regiment Indiana Voluntiieii1I)1Iifa.riii:iy?fa.1h:d)?i:;H iarlggiirsiign at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving.