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1560 SIXTY·FIFTH oononnss. Sess. III. on. 129. 1919. Osmer A.R¤s¤. The Dame .0f Osmer A. Rose, late of COIEPEHY L '1`wwty-fifth Reglilment Wisconsiii Volunteer Infantry, an pay him a pension rsgggh Su S at fhe rate of peri) mlprgzlé in lieu of thalt he zzsiliow r<;lcei§1l1§ ‘°· enameo iza et ie, ' Eli? oi Compainy Forty-séevefntl§irI§%iiiiie1ii;WP(enn§;w§}si1niiia.rVoluriigig an ,anw1owo amue ieslateof ma H,O hundrcig and ninety-first Regiment Pennsylvania Volunxtegxyhfantrly? giesglmmmm anrclllpay her a peénsron aé th; ratie of Sgz per month. ' _ enameo IIIIOD ee er ateo omanyHOnh d d d eighty-ninth Regiment Ohio, Volimteer Ipnfantry, anil ggynliirrina mmm mm pension at the rate of $40 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving. The name of Anderson Adams late of Company A, Fourteenth Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry; and pay him a pension Hmmm Bmw;. at F11; 1::1; of per miilntgi {lie? to; tf 310 he is now ieceilving. _ eo 6I!10I1.II1l,80 m' AFifth Regiment Pennsylvama Volunteer Cavalry arlidmiis hiiirila ension . . r _ P Y _ _P Jdmspum at the rate of $50 pgr month m heu of that he is now receiving. Thezeréaitrile pg Jp gppjakigéatée of Coénpaxga Q, One hundred and seven n_ egimen I11 tates l te Inf t P plzywhgucg pension at the rate of $53 (pier mohtihnineiieu oflizligt cwiom Perry- The name of Charlotte Perry form `d f Hir S B b late of compel?] 1, Fifty-fifth 11eg1¤Zi1inoi1ii> iyoirmizzr inriitgj and_w1dow of ewton J. Perry, late of Company I, One hundredth mm 3°§§§°P‘;'; ?nl;‘gtX°l“¤t°€f I¤f¤¤¢ry. and pay her a pension at the rm The name of Mar_§E. Finch, widow of Lyman S. Finch, late of Company G, Tenth egxment Connecticut olunteer Infantry and pa er a pension at the rate of $25 er month. ’ mud mmm The name of David Kimball, late Ibf Company E First Regiment Missouri Engineers of the West, and a him a ensibn at h $20 per month in lieu of that h P y 'P t 8 mm of _ e is now rec vmg. `l°m°SH°C¥°°°r The name of James _H. Crosser, late of Cocin any D, One hundred and seventy-sixth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Ini)antry, and pay him a Bmw K cmp pension at the rate of $401per month m lieu of that he is now receivin . bell. The name of Bennett . Campbell, late of Company G Thirtieéi Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and pay him a pension at the Th Y rate of $50 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving emo. ws. The name of Thomas C. Yates, late of Fourth Independent Com— pany Ohio Volunteer Cavalry and pay him a pension at the rate of P¤¤¤i¤¤- $50 er month in lieu of that h ' ‘ ,.1,,,,,., G,,,,,g,,,_ Tl? e is now receiving. e name of Nancy Granger, widow of Sidney Granger late of Hmmm Egmpany E, Nmth Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry, hud pay B¢~···¤M·P~<·L ¥1—£.‘.".`i§?.1‘§“.?%e.“h‘* "°‘° ‘¥ ¥5 {mf ‘€‘°"?% _ enjamin . oo a and fo1jty-eighth Regiment Indiana Vdl1(integ1Ii1i)n8fnaiT1t% (giiii hgndliifiii P _ a pension at the rate of $35 per month in lieu of that hepisy now ,.,g,_$?'·’¥?*¥i~‘°’-¥·¥ L DM reifigmfgm. of .10;.111 A D · 1 _ ne . a , ‘ . I‘IQi:;_.y;s;]>i1;&1ag1i of Corxtiplagy C, Fkffgliégilst I){e;i‘i1nev1lt(,10a‘hd0i1riTa;I;v.1i%Si1¢~fd. ,_ egimen ’ souri o unteer Inf d 7 My¤H.S1ep11¤n P€%?§I;§I&l;h§f%w pflygtgei-I mt-,?th_ id ami? an Pfiy er a _. _ p en, erm · · late of Company Fiftieth Regiment€1I{1Y;.soC1m (Voli - I§1i’(i1.Ii11tB¤’ ggexgugggggvgid. an%1;ayL£;; aoperésion atghle ratefloi $25 per month. ry, wm . 1..., 0... Volunteer 2:1;.1...2*.; °i.S¤;.‘§:=1*2.?. tdssziezt mm Smmvmm the rate of $50 per month in lieu of that,he is now receivinpg The name_ o Clark Sturdevant, late of Com an E t seventh Regiment New York Volunteer Infan P aid pay viitigiya pension at e rate of $50 per month in lieu of thattize is now receiving.