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PROCLAMATIONS, 1917. 1653 BY rrm Pnmsmmrr or mn Uurrnn Srrarns. AP’“°·*°"· A PROCLALIATION. WHEREAS the Act of Congress apppoved April 27, 1904 (33 Stat., v8$,¥g;' Lgggjm RMP 352), providirig for the disposal of lan within a specified part of the Preainbie. ` Crow ndian eservation, Montana, among other things provides: V°1‘33’p‘3°1‘ That when, in the judgment of the President, no more of the land herein ceded can be disposed of at said price, he may by proclamation, to be re eated at his discretion, sell from time- to time the remaining landp subject to the provisions of the homestead law or otherwise as he may deem most advantageous, at such price or prices, in such manner, upon such conditions, with such restrictions, and upon such terms as he may deem best for all the interests concerned; AND WIIEREAS Proclamation of Sepltember 28, 1914 (38 Stat., §·g·f$§§; 2029), provided a special method for the disposal of the unsold, ’ ` unentered, non-mineral, unreserved lands affected by said act and not withdrawn under the Reclamation Act, but did not provide for the diiposition of coal lands thereunder; AN WHEREAS a number of special entries and purchases have been allowed for coal lands within the reservation as if authorized under said proclamation, although the lands were not then subject to such dis osition; AND WIIEREAS under the provisions of the Act of Congress V°l-3°·P·°“- approved February 27, 1917 (Public No. 358), surplus coal lands within said reservation may be dis osed of in like manner as the nonmineral lands, the coal de osits to be reserved to the United States; _ _ Now, therefore, I, WOBDROW WILSON, President of the United L-¤§mi1i°1`§tK;i°Ii»s°°;`iQ°ii States of America, by virtue of the (power and authority vested in me ‘°°*°d· by the aforesaid Acts of Congress, o hereby prescribe, proclaim and make known that the entries or purchases heretofore made for coal verse, p_2¤2e. lands in said reservation as under the aforesaid proclamation of September 28, 1914, upon compliance with the requirements thereof may be erfected by the respective entrymen, subject to the pro- verse, {1.344. visions oi) the said Act of February 27, 1917, the price of the land to be $3.00 per acre, if entered or purchased prior to . eptember 15, 1915, and $2.00 er acre, if entered or purchased thereafter. The said) coal lands, if otherwise available, shall be subject to dis- ,,u’Q§fg*{};*Qg$°yg}}¤¤d¤ posal under the aforesaid proclamation of September 28, 1914, at ’ ` $2.00 per acre, until and including June 30, 1917, subject to thelpro- _, M t visions of the said act of February 27, 1917. No entry sh be m}s°aif$lm`fl“°° °”` allowed after that date rmder said proclamation for either the coal or the noncoal lands. In the event that any existing agricultural entry on the reserva— &g§;‘,§{{,Ha‘{Q_¤@';§°'°d tion, made with a reservation of the coal deposits, is canceled on or _ ` before June 30, 1917, the land may, if otherwise available, until and including that date, but not thereafter, be entered or purchased hereunder at the price fixed by the first entry. All lands within the reservation affected by the aforesaid Act of ,a§§,L° °’“°'“$P°“d °' April 27, 1904, to which there are no valid, existing rights and which ` are not reserved or withdrawn under the Reclamation Act or otherwise, at the date of sale, shall be offered for sale under the supervision of the Superintendent of opening and sale of Indian reservations, at not less than $2.00 per acre, at Billings, Montana, com- _ mencing September 4, 1917 ; Provided: That lands classified or with- d£f§§_',f“m“ °’ °°°l drawn as coal lands shall be sold with a reservation of the coal deposits, in conformity with the Act of February 27, 1917, above cited. After the lands shall have been offered for sale at the minimum price herein above prescribed, the Superintendent may, in his discretion, Hx any other minimum therefor, not less than $1.00 per acre.